Together Loves | Captured by Keryn

Tell us about your photography background and what got you started in Wedding Photography?

I was lucky enough to realise my dream job from the young age of 10 where I​ used to take some lovely photos that only my parents would think were good and have now been a full time photographer for over 10 years.  My first wedding was 7 years ago when I shot my brothers wedding on Waiheke Island.  I have fallen in love with weddings as they really have it all from documentary to fashion.  It’s so special to be chosen to be the person that captures a couples intimate day.


Tell us about a few of the most spectacular weddings you’ve photographed over the years?

Sony and Alex’s wedding in Bali last year was amazing, it was located over on a small island of Nusa Lembongan, a small intimate wedding with close family and friends which ended with dancing around a fire on the beach! I’ve been pretty fortunate to shoot some amazing weddings with some incredible people over the years.  Been special for many different reasons, taking me to many locations.

Is there a particular photographer that inspires you?

I have many favourite photographers, little NZ is full of talent.  An old favourite would have to be Helmut Newton, his work couldn’t be more timeless.


Do you have a favourite destination that you love to shoot at and why?

New destinations are always exciting.  But I do love shooting up in Bali, I have holidayed up there quite frequently since I was a teenager.  Morning and twilight there is so golden and the friendliness and culture of the locals being so lovely makes shooting so unique.  Although NZ is a bottomless pit of amazing locations.  I don’t think I realised just how lucky we are until I became a wedding photographer, I’m forever coming across new places I want to take my brides and grooms to.




Outside of weddings what is your favourite thing to shoot?

Travel documentary photos, I love meeting people in my travels and documenting them.  Ha ha although with a wee baby girl arriving in a few weeks that could change quite quickly.

What makes you or your work unique from other wedding photographers?

The background of my work from travel photography, editorials, families, fashion it all becomes relevant when I get behind the camera for a wedding.


What do you love most about what you do?

That I get to document and capture this special moment in peoples lives that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Where do you find inspiration to keep your photography creative and unique?

I’m pretty obsessed cinematography, I have to be careful not to blurt out things like oooo look at the light when I’m watching movies with my boyfriend Jamie….. He gets a little annoyed.

What part of a wedding do you love to shoot the most?

It’s recording all the little moments, everyone wedding if different so I can never predict what those little moments will be but it’s these moments that will tell the story of your day.  It’s such a privilege to be able to capture these people, whether it’s getting ready at the house you grew up in or laughing so hard you are crying because your friends crack you up some much.  Someone forgetting the ring, tears from an incredible speech, drunk people on the dance floor having an epic time.  Advice from grandma, all these candid moments are what it’s all about for me.