Città Launches Capsule One

With a focus on wanting more time to deliver lasting products to ensure they will be cherished for life, Città is taking a step back from the traditional seasonal approach.

Instead, the New Zealand design company will release regular, curated drops throughout the year that are right for not only the current season but will live on well beyond. This release sees the addition of both classic and colourful textiles to our much-loved collection.

And they’ve done just that in their new collection, capsule one. Invite a playful palette and texture to the kitchen and bathroom with nostalgic woven plaid patterned tea towels and beautifully textured waffle towels.

“We have been loving working with waffle weaves lately,” says Imogen, Città’s Head of Textile Design. “The intricate woven structure works to soften bold colour combinations whilst also adding depth and texture.”

Furniture and Product Designer Nikolai shares the creation of an upcoming design. “The Costa Pillar Candles were conceptualised from a simple exercise in repetition, mirroring circular outlines to create evolving geometric profiles.”

As Citta takes time to slow things down, they’re celebrating pieces that embrace true craftsmanship and tell a story of sustainability from beginning to end. Discover hand-carved bowls from natural, responsibly sourced materials, with a unique design inspired by traditional craftsmanship and everyday items found in Kenya.

A selection of designs will be available in Città retail stores and online. Città will be releasing the rest of capsule one over the coming weeks as the anticipated designs become available.