A diamond you can truly love for life

Ethically sound, competitively priced, scientifically identical to a natural diamond, and kind to the planet. There are many reasons to choose a beautiful Clean Origin lab-grown diamond. 

Diamonds burn brightly in the world’s imagination. They symbolise beauty, glamour and – most powerfully –  enduring love. 

Be it simple and classic or intricately baroque, most of us could describe our dream diamond ring. We know about the four Cs – cut, clarity, colour and carat. But for increasing numbers of those selecting the jewel of a lifetime, there’s another consideration too: origin. 

That diamond you’ll wear every single day for the rest of your life, the one that will catch the light and remind you each time of your happiest memories, where did it come from?

Clean Origin is the company at the vanguard of a growing movement – lab-grown diamonds. That means real diamonds created above ground using the same scientific process as those made by nature beneath the earth’s crust. 

These are not “fake” diamonds. They’re real diamonds that result from that same combination of carbon, intense pressure and extreme heat that occurred at great depths an estimated three billion years ago, forming the natural diamonds we mine for today. It’s just that, with Clean Origin diamonds, the process takes place now and is less about the earth’s geological history and more about its future. 

Based in New York, this is a company founded and operated by diamond industry veterans. The founders of Clean Origin have over 100 years’ combined experience in the business, and each of the company’s service staff have a minimum of five years’ experience. These people really know their stones, producing diamonds that are physically, structurally and optically identical to their mined counterparts. Only a highly trained technician using a microscope is able to detect the miniscule chemical difference between a natural and lab-grown diamond. And both varieties are graded using those famous four Cs. 

But if the two kinds of diamonds are identical, why do increasing numbers of consumers choose the lab-grown option? Well, there’s more than one reason but a hard one to ignore is ethics. Because where there’s buried treasure, there’s conflict – and the diamond industry is no exception. For decades it has been marred by political conflict, violence, worker exploitation, and crime. Yes, there are solid efforts to source diamonds ethically. But increasingly, customers decide that the safest way to avoid a diamond with a murky past is to choose one that is 100 percent traceable to the Clean Origin laboratory. 

And here’s another thing about those mines: scattered through the world, from Africa, to Russia, India and Canada, they’re so deep and wide that some can be seen from space. Needless to say, mining for jewels that lie up to 200km beneath the surface of the earth is not an eco-friendly process. The industry causes major deforestation, soil erosion and depletion of farmland, along with lasting damage to ocean and river beds and the life forms that depend on them. A Clean Origin jewel is the sustainable choice – a way to show your love for the planet as well as each other.  

And by avoiding the complicated chain of labour involved with mining, Clean Origin reduces the expense of its diamonds. A lab-grown jewel is a truly cost-effective choice, enabling customers to choose the size and style of diamond they most desire – and not to limit their vision to an engagement ring. With an impressive range of settings, styles and stones from which to custom-design your dream jewel, Clean Origin are changing the way bridal couples shop. Because you can opt not just for an engagement ring, but for an elegant diamond wedding ring and striking men’s wedding band as well. Or another exquisite option is the increasingly popular bridal set

Director of Marketing Brendon Cook says that as the Millennial and Gen Z consumers reach their next stage of adulthood, Clean Origin is a very exciting place to be. “These types of shoppers are looking to make purchases with better social and environmental outcomes, and they are doing that online. What we’re offering these customers is an eco-friendly alternative to natural diamonds, and the ability to buy online without friction or anxiety. 

“Natural diamonds have gotten a pretty bad rap over the years, and it’s not hard to see why given movies like Blood Diamonds and satellite images of the Alrosa diamond mine. When our customers see that there is a better way at a less expensive price point, it’s almost a no brainer.”

For all of those reasons, customers are beginning to mark not just engagements and weddings but other joyous occasions in their lives with Clean Origin jewellery. After all, why not celebrate the birth of a child, a special anniversary or a major personal achievement with a diamond? 

A diamond that shines bright, without a shadow of environmental or ethical doubt – just pure love. 
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