Crane Brothers: The groom’s guide to choosing a suit

crane brothers groom suit guide

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of the wedding industry for good with micro weddings and lockdown elopements on the rise. So it was only natural that the sartorial landscape mirrored this too.   

Now, there are far fewer rules around what grooms can and cannot wear making the process of choosing a suit even tricker to navigate.

So there was only one thing to do: seek advice from the experts over at Crane Brothers. The New Zealand menswear atelier has been dressing grooms and their groomsmen for over a decade so certainly know a thing or two about big day fashion faux pas. In fact, there’s a whole section of the Crane Brothers site dedicated to real wedding attire for those seeking inspiration.

From the importance of a tailored suit to tackling winter wedding attire, Digital and Brand Manager Ben Saint George has answered every groom’s biggest questions below.

What are the benefits of investing in a tailored suit?

Anyone can look great in a suit. It just comes down to having the right suit made for you as an individual, with an individual shape. Even putting aside the obvious benefits of having something made, like being able to select your cloth or styling details, simply getting the fit right is reason enough to consider going made-to-measure.

The fit is the most important factor when it comes to whether a suit looks good or not, and having something made for your physique means that aspects like proportion and posture can be taken into consideration – these things are very important when it comes to getting great photos. A made-to-measure suit will also perform better in the long run, making it a better investment.

Are there any style traditions I should follow on the big day?

It’s entirely dependent on the kind of wedding you’re having. A traditional church service will have different traditions and requirements than a relaxed garden or vineyard wedding or a beachfront ceremony. Once you know the kind of wedding you’re having, speak to our team about it and we can guide you through our recommendations around style.

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What are the accessories every groom should wear?

Accessories are dependent on the kind of outfit you’re putting together, so what might be essential for black tie would not necessarily be required for a casual summer wedding.

We would suggest speaking to our team and explaining the nature of your ceremony – any colour themes or palettes, bridal colours, flowers and your outfit. From there, we can help guide you towards some personalised finishing touches that are right for you. That said, a smart watch is pretty much always a good addition.

I’m getting married this winter. What colourways and fabrics would you recommend for Australasian winter weddings?

We’re lucky in that Australasian winters tend to be on the mild side, relatively speaking. A smart worsted wool twill or plain weave is a great starting point – something with a body, that nevertheless doesn’t go overboard with weight and texture. If you’re not wearing black tie, navy and grey shades are always popular and flattering.

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Grey tones tend to pair well with ceremonial ivory shades as well – input from the bride can be helpful on this front! It’s always important to factor in the environment you’ll be shooting in. For instance, green and beige tones don’t always work against scenic backgrounds as well as colder colours. Also remember that there are other ways to insulate so we always recommend choosing mid-weight cloth that can easily be worn again.

I’m getting married on the beach. What colourways and fabrics would you recommend for more relaxed nuptials?

A summer beach wedding demands tropical-weight cloth, both in terms of aesthetics and plain old comfort. In most cases that’s linen or cotton – both are light, breathable and absorbent. They can be prone to creasing, which is part of their casual charm, although if you’re looking for something sleeker then a linen wool and silk blend could be a good choice as well.

In terms of palette, keep it light – pale ecru tones work wonderfully, as do stone greys and blues. Alternatively, you can totally juxtapose a casual setting with a tuxedo, it’s all about confidence in what you wear. 

How do I go about choosing suits for my groomsmen and are there any rules I need to follow?

Start with deciding what the groom, or grooms are wearing. This outfit is the second most important (after your fiancé, of course) and what they wear is a significant decision. As most of the day revolves around the two of you, we would usually advocate for him to wear something special and different from the groomsmen.

As far as the groomsmen are concerned, it’s nice for them to have some defining features that aesthetically tie the whole group together, and they should complement the groom even if he’s wearing something different. Keep in mind colours and shades that sit nicely next to each other, and consider details or accessories that could be carried across the whole party.

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