After successfully introducing a vegan capsule drop into their mainline collection, Deadly Ponies are are stepping further into the realm of plant based leathers. It’s the first time a delicate sand hue has been produced with these materials, perfect timing with the summer months fast approaching.

To create the plant based leather, mature leaves from organic and renewable cactus plants in Mexico are harvested. Wastage is minimal; the pulp from the leaves is set aside and used by other companies to produce medicinal products while the remaining leaf structure is sun dried before being processed into the innovative and ethical vegan leather. We love that Deadly Ponies are at the forefront of this exciting new vegan leather development.

It has been a long, but rewarding process of research and development to get the plant based leather to the stage of having the perfect look and texture, but one that has been immensely satisfying and successful. Being able to produce the new material to this standard in lighter hues is an achievement to not only be proud of but one to also build upon for the future.

Our personal favourite is the Sling Mini, we love the way the woven handle and charm compliments the sand tone of the leather. See below…

The handles and charms hand woven by Tania are miniature works of art, taking hours to delicately construct.

“For this exclusive capsule, we have worked with New Zealand weaver Tanya Doty, who brings a contemporary feel to the age-old craft of basket making.” Deadly Ponies Creative Director, Liam Bowden says. “Tanya has created handles and charms to adorn our cactus leather bags using natural fibres such as raupo, pine needles, rattan, and foraged fibres.”

the capsule features handwoven rattan handles, and willow charms in geometric silhouettes. The limited edition capsule is available in much-loved shapes, Mr Sling Mini, Mr Minimese and Mr Mini Leopard in sand, with the handles available for purchase separately to add to any companion.

It’s a tight but succinct capsule collection, you are bound to find the perfect piece whether your inclination is for a light or a dark addition to add to your collection.

These bags and their artisanal handcrafted hardware are collectors items to be cherished and treasured. They take ethical leather development to the next level and are a development we are very keen to keep following, it is exciting and makes us feel very proud to know that Deadly Ponies continue to drive sustainability and new technology forward in the fashion industry.

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