Dermalogica Recovery Masque and Awaken Eye Gel

Our friends at Dermalogica have sent us some products that focus on recovery and hydration, perfect for those with busy lives and stressed skin.

Dermalogicas awaken peptide eye gel and multivitamin power recovery masque are ideal products to get back on track with your skincare routine after a busy summer in the sun. Whether you have stressed and damaged skin or are looking for hydration, these products are the perfect place to start.

Wedding planning can be stressful and tyring, so we think the awaken peptide eye gel would be the perfect product to use a few months before the wedding to ensure bright, firm skin around your eyes on your big day.

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The multivitamin power recovery masque helps rescue stressed, ageing skin. Apply after cleansing as an ultimate remedy for dulling, dry and dehydrated skin and skin ageing. Powerful, concentrated vitamins A, C and E, and Linoleic Acid help restore skin showing signs of damage and ageing while enhancing barrier properties.

If you have dry or damaged skin, the multivitamin power recovery masque would be helpful in working to restore, so you can be your most confident self on your wedding day. We recommend using this once a week or whenever the skin requires a soothing remedy, a few months out from your wedding.

The awaken peptide eye gel is firming, and hydrating. The experts at Dermalogica use caffeine to utilise a highly active blend with Tetrapeptides and soothing Rosemary Leaf Extract that minimises the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.

You can shop these products online at Dermalogica.