Dopamine by Saben

This spring, Saben top up our dopamine with punchy, primary hues for spring.

Geranium’s vibrant tones contrast beautifully with the fresh Chambray shade, adding a lively touch to the familiar and highly adaptable monochromatic palette. Saben’s Spring colour collection exudes a luxurious and effervescent quality, staying true to the brand’s playful reputation.

This capsule draws inspiration from the charming flowers that grace Parisian balconies, featuring a distinct Parisian influence in a palette of red, white, and blue, anchored by classic black and pristine white. Whether you opt for the Birdie mini bag or the timeless Tilly and Odile silhouettes in Geranium, you’ll infuse your style with a burst of happiness. Geranium, known for bestowing positive energy and symbolizing good luck, naturally draws us in with its vivacious allure.

The latest addition to this season’s Saben lineup, the Giselle bag takes centre stage with its voluminous east-west silhouette and an oversized top handle that demands attention. Meticulously crafted, Giselle is a testament to artisanal expertise, featuring a hand-knotted woven technique and a carefully constructed leather frame. Versatile in nature, Giselle can be clutched or carried effortlessly, with or without the handle, offering a touch of vintage charm that exudes tres chic sophistication.

Denim has staged a remarkable return in a distinct fashion this spring. Presenting two standout silhouettes, Big Sis Tilly and Claudette, both artfully crafted from hand-braided recycled denim fabric. Among Sabenettes, the beloved classic Big Sis Tilly remains a perennial favourite, showcasing timeless style and enduring versatility. Featuring a front panel adorned with intricately woven recycled denim and a denim-coloured leather back, it epitomizes the pinnacle of double denim chic.

Another nod to 90’s trends brings back exaggerated plaiting but with a modern twist. This time, plaiting transcends the Y2K era, and Tilly’s Big Sis takes on an edgy transformation. A flowing plait, intricately woven along the side of this timeless silhouette, adds understated yet elevated detailing to one of your beloved styles.

Saben remains a champion of quality design and craftsmanship at its essence. A Saben bag is a versatile companion for every season and every occasion, designed to accompany you on both grand and intimate moments for many years to come.

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