Editors Dresser – Carrière Frères

Carrière Frères Botanical palets are elegant wax accessories designed to perfume small spaces. You can hang them on door handles, place them in drawers, on bedside tables or in wardrobes and cupboards.

There is something beautifully elegant and old-worldly about these gorgeous palets. The fragrance we have is Cedrus Atlantica. A fresh awakening scent that makes us think of cedarwood and pine. It’s a comforting fragrance that feels fresh and clean and has also been used in history to repel insects. We have ours hanging in the office to welcome us in each morning.

They make the most wonderful gift in their detailed and decadent botanical packaging. Imagine them as wedding favours or as a gift for your bridal party. Soon to be available at Libertine Parfumerie at Smith & Caughey in New Zealand