Hair Tame and Hair Sculpt Polish by Aesop

Being a dedicated user of Aesop shampoos and conditioners already, I was very keen to try their latest two hair care products, Hair Tame Serum and Sculpt Hair Polish.

Like all Aesop products, they come in the iconic, slightly medicinal in style amber bottles and dark tubes. Good design doesn’t date, and the Aesop packaging is a perfect example of this; it has stayed true to its style and materials for years. You can pick an Aesop product from metres away, long before you read the brand name. This is clever and a true measure of a great brand.

I have curly, coarse and rather unruly hair. It can take a lot of product; in fact, it often needs a lot of product, especially in humid, wet Auckland weather when extra smoothing is required. But a common conundrum for me is finding products I can use that calm my hair but still give the appearance of not using much product. I prefer a natural look and a natural feel. I want soft looking and soft to the touch curls and waves that bounce and look natural without the frizz. And I insist on products that use more natural ingredients too. This duo from Aesop is ticking these three boxes for me.

My favourite of the two is the Hair Tame Serum which is a little lighter but still smooths nicely; it’s perfect for everyday use. I have been applying two pumps to freshly washed damp hair, combing through with my fingers and letting my locks air dry naturally, which I find is far better for my type of hair. As the hair dries, the serum has helped lock in the moisture and keep my hair manageable and frizz-free.

The Sculpt Hair Polish is what I pull out on extra frizzy hair days or humid, wet days (many days if you live in Auckland). It’s a little heavier for when more styling or taming is required. Its best applied to the mid-lengths and ends. If you do have frizz at the roots, apply sparingly with your fingertips. Like most hair creams or polishes, you don’t want too much at the root pulling the hair down or making your scalp look greasy. I often use both products at once, the serum when hair is damp and then the hair polish when it’s dry to calm and polish any wayward locks.

Both products I have found to be suited to naturally curly or wavy hair. I’m sure they are great in straight hair too. I would use it more sparingly if your hair were not as thick or dry as curly hair often is. 

To find out ore list the hair section on the Aesop website