Eilish Burt Photography

Eilish Burt Photography

Eilish Burt: Capturing Timeless Love Through Vintage Wedding Photography

Eilish Burt is a talented wedding photographer whose lens paints love stories with a vintage brush, capturing the essence of timeless romance in every frame. Meet Eilish Burt, a passionate photographer hailing from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty.

Specialising in vintage and film wedding photography since 2017, Eilish brings a unique charm to her craft, blending nostalgia with a contemporary flair to immortalise the most precious moments of a couple’s journey into matrimony. With a keen eye for detail and a heart brimming with love, she crafts timeless images, capturing the authentic beauty of each moment.

Eilish’s portfolio is a testament to her artistry, showcasing a seamless fusion of digital and analogue techniques. Whether it’s the soft hues of a vintage film or the crisp clarity of modern digital photography, she weaves together a tapestry of emotions, each image resonating with the warmth of cherished memories.

But Eilish’s talents extend beyond photography alone. In addition to still images, she offers captivating wedding highlight videos, each frame infused with the same enchanting allure that defines her photography. Through these videos, she tells love stories in motion, capturing the laughter, the tears, and the quiet moments of tenderness that make each wedding day truly unforgettable.

As a fine art wedding photographer, Eilish understands that every love story is unique, deserving of a bespoke approach. She immerses herself in the narrative of each couple, forging a connection that allows her to capture moments of genuine emotion with effortless grace. From spontaneous laughter to serene contemplation, Eilish preserves the essence of love in its purest form, creating timeless portraits that will be cherished for generations to come.

What sets Eilish apart is not just her technical prowess, but her genuine passion for storytelling. For her, laughter and fun are the key ingredients to capturing authentic moments, ensuring that each image radiates with the joy and spontaneity of real life. With Eilish behind the lens, couples can rest assured that their love story will be told with sincerity, sincerity, and an abundance of heart.

So, if you’re seeking a wedding photographer who can capture the magic of your special day in a truly extraordinary way, look no further than Eilish Burt. With her artistic vision and unwavering dedication, she will transform your love story into a timeless masterpiece, preserving the beauty of your union for eternity.

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