Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural Sleeping Mask

Three years in the making, Emma Lewisham proudly adds to its high-performance Supernatural range with its Sleeping Mask.

The Supernatural Sleeping Mask is truly beauty sleep in a bottle. It’s a powerful, ultra-conditioning overnight treatment. Harnessing powerful natural ingredients that support overnight skin restoration.

Bottle by bottle, Emma Lewisham embodies a new way of thinking, proving that scientifically backed and natural skincare can co-exist while setting a new benchmark in circular-designed, climate positive and transparent beauty every step of the way.

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Combined with lipopeptides, antioxidants and ceramides and 22 high-performing natural ingredients, the Supernatural Sleeping Mask is scientifically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis at a cellular level.

The development process for this Sleeping Mask began with research into the skin’s activity and
how this changes during the overnight hours. The team at Emma Lewisham recognised the potential to elevate what could be achieved with an overnight treatment by working with the dynamic behaviour of the skin, which switches from a “protection mode” during the day to “repair mode” overnight.

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Harnessing a specialised extract from Gardenia Jasminoides, the formulation helps to activate the skin’s melatonin receptors, triggering a cascade of internal cellular processes that drive the restoration and rejuvenation of our skin. This unique enhancement of our body-clock-driven skin restoration dramatically amplifies skin regeneration and provides the foundation for enhanced efficacy.

How to use: Use two to three times a week at night. Apply this concentrated treatment generously onto your face and neck, avoiding contact with your eyes. Leave on overnight, allowing the nutrients to absorb completely.

Just like other favourite Emma Lewisham products, once customers have finished with the Supernatural Sleeping Mask, they can send back their empty vessels for sterilisation and refilling or recycling, at no expense, through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle. When customers opt to purchase a refill pod
or pouch instead of a brand new product, they are reducing their carbon emissions by up to 74%.

The Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle is the brand’s global take-back programme for refilling and recycling to keep their packaging in circularity and reduce carbon emissions. They offer refills for all their products.

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