Expert Advice – Sara and Jean of Twelve Tables

The world that we are living in today is almost entirely different to that of two years ago and during that time, weddings and celebrations have adapted and evolved to suit, although not without it’s challenges. So we thought it was about time that we sat down with some of our leading wedding brands to get their perspectives as well as a few pieces of advice for couples currently planning their weddings.

Twelve Tables are some of the best in the biz when it comes to marquees and event hire, their gorgeous bars and wedding hire range feature in weddings and events all over New Zealand. That’s why we thought they were the perfect bunch to chat to about their advice for COVID affected couples, celebrating your uniqueness and how to keep sane planning a wedding during this time.

Tell us a little about your brand for those who may not yet know you…

Twelve Tables is a premium Clear Marquee and Event hire Business based in the North Island. We focus on providing premium custom-made hire items for weddings and events. 

What is your number one piece of advice for couples in this climate when booking marquee and furniture hire?

Continue to plan your dream day, while being open and honest with your vendors. Ask your vendors about their “covid policy” so together you can plan your dream day with confidence. 

How are you handling COVID-affected couples within your own business?

We are navigating this together. Still making their dream days possible, with all their loved ones, simply rebooking on a future date. 

Thoughts on the future and how your business and sector may change or evolve?

We believe more than ever, it’s a time to celebrate beautiful milestones surrounded by your loved ones.  We have noticed a focus on unique celebrations, with custom design being a key, people are more focused on having unique, detailed orientated days, choosing to design the day to be a true reflection of them and what they actually want rather than following too many trends. 

What do you do personally to cope with the stress of COVID and lockdown?

Any rituals or actions that help get you through? We’re active relaxers, so continuing to design and build new items to add to our range, as well as redesigning our website, updating our portfolios, etc has helped to keep us busy, which excites us and keeps our focus on the future and not dwell on the negatives. 

We also get out for family daily walks (rain or shine) and make sure we have regular “technology-free” time, to ensure we’re connecting with eachother. 

Visit the Twelve Tables website HERE, and Instagram HERE