Madison + Remi by Alyssa Belkaci

We fell in love by complete chance, and now we’re the best of friends. Sometimes you never know when you’ll meet your person.

Madison: Before getting married, I lived in Paris and Remi lived near Bordeaux. When lockdown ended in autumn 2020, Remi asked me to visit him and we planned to go for a hike. I arrived on time with a friend, but Remi was running late, so my friend suggested we go for a walk while we waited. We walked through the forest and when we came to a beautiful lake, Remi was waiting with a ring and roses. It was a wonderful surprise!

We originally planned to have a big wedding in May 2021, but due to the ongoing lockdowns in France, we couldn’t see each other to plan anything. So we made the last-minute decision to get married sooner and threw an elopement style ceremony in December 2020, instead. We had to let go of a lot of the details we originally wanted to include. For us, all that mattered was having beautiful photographs to tell the story of our unconventional yet beautiful day for years to come.

Our theme was vintage with ivory and pastel pink hues woven throughout. We incorporated this colour scheme into our outfits, as we wanted to feel glamorous but also keep things simple. What I didn’t foresee happening was accidentally ruining my veil two days before the wedding! Thankfully, Remi went out the day before the ceremony and bought me a new veil, with matching white satin gloves, which gave me the perfect vintage finish. I own a small jewellery business called Madisalix and my handmade accessories really highlighted my look on the day. We’re so grateful to have been able to celebrate our love with close friends and family even if it was in a small way. We still hope to throw whatever party we can in 2021, but for now, we’re just so thrilled to be together and no longer separated by lockdown.

We fell in love by complete chance, and now we’re the best of friends. Sometimes you never know when you’ll meet your person. What we love the most about each other is that we don’t take things too seriously. We laugh with each other and have a lot of fun together. Try not to worry too much about the small details when planning your wedding and be prepared to be flexible. Your wedding day is all about remembering why you love this person and the bond you’ve created. God has a special place in our union; it doesn’t have an end. This is the beginning of eternity and it’s the most special gift we’ve ever been given.

photographer Alyssa Belkaci / bride’s outfit Shona Joy / groom’s outfit Suit Supply / rings Madisalix / shoes Morjas / venue Mairie de Romainville