Nikita + Matt by Stephan & Nakita

Nikita — I’m a film/commercial producer. Matt owns and runs Shared Space. Our family includes our little boy Arthur and our miniature dachshund, Archie. We met on a blind date in 2014, which was a bit comical as neither of us had been on a blind date before. We ran into a few of Matt’s … Read more

Jack + Jucinta by Ali Bailey

Jack — Jucinta is a flame that cannot be put out. A wildfire, if you like. The three times we met before we got together proved how small the world can be and not to take any moment for granted, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Lauren + Dano by Sapphire Studios

Lauren —— We’re both from New Zealand but now live in Los Angeles. I work in health/wellness and sustainability PR while Dano is an audio engineer who tours with bands. Many people would say we’re pretty different but it works for us (on good days!).

Scott + Georgia by Sapphire Studios

I was convinced he wouldn’t be able to surprise me, but “knowing” he didn’t have a ring a few weeks earlier was the perfect way to throw me off. I think the first words out of my mouth were “ARE YOU JOKING!?” … clearly followed by yes of course!

Shea + Andy by Kate Roberge

We had an Autumn wedding so we went for intimate, romantic vibes. We initially liked the idea of eloping but our friends and family definitely weren’t keen on that! We had only 40 guests and no bridal party and the entire day was perfect. We got our elopement moment when we flew to Lake Lochnagar … Read more

Alex + Sam by Jonny Scott

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love…Alex- We are both from Auckland but live in London and have done for nearly 4 years now! We both work in food and our jobs, although for separate organisations, are quite intertwined and a slight conflict of interest which has been interesting over … Read more

Sarah + Shane by Stephan & Nakita

Shane is a dairy farmer and I’m a buyer for a supermarket. I also photograph weddings part-time over the summer. Our story began the way all great love stories do – at a music festival on New Years Eve!