FaceTime Skin Clinic

Within our current ever-changing landscape, it has never been more important to look after our own health and wellbeing, including caring for our skin. We’ve spoken with the lovely team at FaceTime Skin Clinic to find out about what services they offer, their product recommendations and how you can look after and prepare your skin for your wedding day as well as makeup trends and tips for brides.

The FaceTime team are dedicated to providing honest advice and a memorable experience with a clinical focus ensuring a total approach to treating and reversing premature skin ageing as well as managing problematic skin.

What makes you and your clinic unique?

Our continual commitment to training, professional growth and innovation. Having our own onsite training facility means we are constantly upskilling our team and ourselves. We also use this space to innovate and create new treatments ensuring we are always at the forefront of results in our industry.

What are your key services at FaceTime Skin Clinic?

We specialise in skin transformations through expert advice, advanced state of the art skin treatments and tailored home prescriptives. We offer a wide range of treatments from our extensive range of facials, collagen induction therapy, appearance medicine and IPL through to all of the beauty services such as lash lifting, brows and massage that you would expect from a high-end clinic.

What brands do you stock and what are your favourite products?

We carry a wide range of skincare and beauty products covering all bases. DMK our paramedical skincare range and Osmosis MD, Osmosis Internals and Osmosis Colour all from the USA. Medik8 our cosmeceutical range from the UK. Thalgo our luxury marine cosmetic range from France. Plus our body range Lalicious, our organic suncare range Coola and Revitalash for lash and brow growth.

Favourite products is a tough one, I have so many favourites specific to certain skin goals. I am loving our DMK Enbioment 3 step system for all inflamed skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne – we have had incredible success with this new skincare technology. I’m a huge fan of our Medik8 Vitamin C serums for firming, brightening and strengthening the skin coupled with the comforting texture of an oil serum which I love for winter. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m hooked on the DMK Super Bright – this product was a game-changer for my pigmentation. It’s important to understand that to really revise a skin condition or to create a lasting change in the way your skin performs, a whopping 70% comes from what you do at home every day twice a day. So having a tailored routine specific to your skin goals, lifestyle and budget is paramount. As your skin changes, adapt the food you’re feeding it, this is where our expert advice comes in to keep your “skin diet” on track.

What can brides do to prepare their skin for their big day?

  • FaceTime Bridal Prep Package which includes a series of tailored facials.
  • Full home care plan ideally at least 6 months before the big day.
  • Reduce stress by doing things like delegating tasks, taking time out for self-care and practising deep belly breathing daily.

I also recommend writing a gratitude journal to keep your mind focused on positivity and all the goodness you have in your life. The link between stress and emotions and how they impact our skin is strong so keep yourself in a good mental space to reduce internal oxidative stress and keep that pre-wedding glow!

What do you think about supplements and can you recommend any brands you have tried and stock?

DMK EFA Ultra works on every cell in your body improving cell health and their responsiveness to active ingredients. It also improves the quality of oil your skin produces and is a fantastic internal antioxidant, plant sourced EFA from evening primrose, seabuckthorn seed, coconut and fucoidans enriched with Omega 3,6,7 and 9.

Osmosis Collagen Activator activated with AC-11 for DNA repair. This yellow capsule increases YOUR OWN collagen production aswell as booting your ATP levels (the cells energy source) giving you energy levels without the peak and crash. I always feel like I get a better nights sleep with these aswell as being able to cope with day to day pressures well.

DMK Regul8 Digestive Tune-up great for resetting and clearing the digestive tract while establishing good microbiome. This is heavily linked to the skin’s microbiome so although this is great for your insides, this directly correlates to your skin health and vibrancy.

Osmosis Digestive support to avoid bloating on the big day.

DMK Relax to calm nerves, reduce cortisol spikes and give you a level headed mindset for the day and the lead-up.

Livon Lypospheric Vitamin C from any good pharmacy. Fantastic for the skin but also boosting immunity daily to ensure no sickness gets you down on your big day.

Can you talk us through makeup trends you are seeing and what tips to give brides about wedding makeup?

Makeup should always enhance your natural beauty, especially on your wedding day. When you walk down the aisle you want to feel like the best version of yourself. The getting ready part of your wedding day is such a large portion of the day so it is important to ensure you have a team who are not only going to make you look great, but also feel calm and confident. This is where trials are super important!

Any exciting plans that FT would like to share?

We have recently just opened up our new Beauty Bar as an extension to the clinic. This includes our express Brow Bar where you can get all of your shaping and tinting done, and an LED Light Therapy Lounge which is incredible for repairing, soothing and rejuvenating your skin.

We have also just partnered with an incredible makeup brand from Australia called Curtis Collection which will be in stock very soon in the Beauty Bar!

What’s the best thing about your job/business?

  • Building confidence
  • Forming lasting relationships
  • Educating clients
  • Making people feel amazing
  • Being clients number one trusted source of information when it comes to skin and beauty.

Rules or words you live by: Confident, Connect, Commit. Those are our pillars of success at FaceTime.

View the FaceTime website here, and Instagram here.