MAC – More Than Meets The Eye

We just can’t resist playing with new makeup, especially when it’s released by MAC! This brand has had eye makeup mastered from the get-go, and we are so thrilled to share their new Dazzleshadow Extreme eyeshadow range and Big Boost Eyebrow Gel with you.

MAC’s new Dazzleshadow Extreme shades are intense molten-metallic formulas, with one-swipe saturation and 12-hour staying power. This innovative eye colour has a cream-like texture that glides across lids for a melted metal effect. With ten volcanic colours to choose from, these single shadows are infused with optimised binder technology for ultimate pigment payoff with silky smooth application. Increase staying power by priming your lids with the Prep+Prime 24hr Extend Eye Base.

“Working backstage we often layer metallic and wet textures to create a texture with light-bending brilliance. It’s about maximising the reflective qualities,” explains Chantel Miller, MAC Director of National Artistry for North America. “Now with Dazzleshadow Extreme, that spectacular finish is all in one place.”

When applying, she advises that, “Whether swept across the lid for a big moment or used in the inner corner of the eye for a beautiful nuance, it’s all about “burnishing” the shadow. Use a dense brush and gently rub the shadow back and forth until the shine amplifies to the magnitude you desire. It’s a bit like finding the genie in the bottle!”

To amplify your eyes, the new 24-hour Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel is here to sculpt your brows to perfection whether you’re going for polished, or expertly untamed. This tinted formula effortlessly creates fuller, thicker and fluffier brows with small synthetic microfibres that build, define and shape brow hairs. We love that its formula is waterproof, sweatproof, flake-proof and smudge-proof, which locks in our look for a full 24 hours. The small tapered brush makes it super easy to manoeuver and create the exact shape you want. Boost your brow game in eight buildable shades.

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