FAME: The New Feminine Fragrance by Paco Rabanne

Playful. Sensual. Empowered. Irresistibly Parisian. The covetable new feminine fragrance by Paco Rabanne is a scent as multi-faceted and thrilling as Paco Rabanne women past, present, and future.

Paco Rabanne’s creations are as galvanizing today as they were in 1966, when the couturier debuted his namesake brand in Paris with his “Manifesto: 12 unwearable dresses in contemporary materials.” The Couturier’s avant-garde garments challenged classical codes, exploring ideas of radical craft.

Today, Paco Rabanne’s iconic codes take on a fresh, glamourous new incarnation with a cutting-edge, sensual fragrance, a precious, ultra-covetable bottle, and a stunning new ambassador.

Embodied by a true icon, the young American actor, Elle Fanning, the FAME woman is the very essence of Paco Rabanne’s femininity. As radiant, self-confident, and multi-faceted as the Couturier’s iconic muses, as ultramodern today as ever.

The fragrance bottle is an ultra-desirable, daring piece of design – a quintessential expression of the brand’s avant-garde style, reprising some of Paco Rabanne’s most iconic codes like the covetable 1969 bag and the ultramodern chainmail dress that has been worn by so many iconic women before.

Because of course, FAME’s bottle is a “she” and is made of metal – the signature material of the designer.

She’s got The Dress – an assemblage of silver pastilles. She’s even got tiny piercings, for extra edginess. She’s got The Sunglasses – Cat’s-eye, because they’re the iconic accessory of the true star.

FAME is a bold new vision of femininity. Along with this avant-garde luxury is a super-innovative composition, bursting with precious ingredients. And of course, a truly irresistible scent, radiating joy and audacious sensuality.

The new fragrance from Paco Rabanne is 90% of natural origin and is crafted in Grasse from precious, customized, sustainable ingredients obtained through cutting-edge technology.

And not only that, but behind FAME are some of the industry’s most talented names, Dora Baghriche, Marie Salamagne, Alberto Morillas, and Fabrice Pellegrin. This multi-talented team of perfumers pooled their creative skills and peerless know-how to conceive a truly ground-breaking scent.

FAME also features a star-studded cast of notes that have never played together in a fragrance. Lush, succulent mango. Delicate, airy, exceptionally pure jasmine. Addictive, sensual, creamy incense.

Dora Baghriche, who originated the initial idea for the scent, explains:

“With its dazzling, spicy freshness, incense embodies a truly Paco Rabanne olfactory signature. To create a totally novel effect, I chose an explosive trio of incenses, wrapped in the addictive warmth of vanilla and sandalwood. To make it even more feminine, this creamy incense accord is brightened by a new quality of jasmine, naturally fresh and cheerful, and a delicious, colorful mango note. The result is the first contemporary incense for women, crafted with contrast and sensuality, highlighting the free and disruptive character of the Paco Rabanne woman.”

At Paco Rabanne, true luxury has always been about innovation. As such, the top-notch team that created FAME has assembled an exciting line-up of hero ingredients, some of which have never been used before in a fragrance.

An avant-garde jasmine from Grasse…

Jasmine has always been a star of perfumery. However, in an exclusive turn for Paco Rabanne, it reveals itself as it’s never been experienced. Harvested and crafted in Grasse using micro-liquid technology, a cutting-edge extraction process that captures the water naturally contained in the flower to express its purest olfactory quality, the precious natural ingredient captures the flower’s scent in high resolution.

A customized incense blend…

Sourced in Somaliland, incense tears are harvested by hand using an ancestral technique by a community that acquired a Responsible Sourcing certification in 2021, ensuring its commitment to sustainable collection, social responsibility, and fair-trade principles.

An innovative mango accord…

In a bold, unexpected assemblage, the top-billed ingredient is matched with a newcomer: the first mango accord that is 100% of natural origin.

A sustainably sourced sandalwood…

The most precious and sought-after quality of sandalwood is now grown in Australia, where hectares of trees have been replanted. The species is protected and regulated for sustainable farming.

A socially responsible vanilla…

Sourced in Madagascar – Paco Rabanne joined forces with the fragrance house Firmenich, deeply committed to communities, investing locally to nurture inclusive and 100% traceable business, training farmers, and helping them diversify their income.

A high-tech natural molecule…

Dreamwood is a true hero from Firmenich. A new 100% natural origin, renewable, biodegradable molecule that combines with sandalwood to create an irresistibly sensual, creamy, woody combo.

To bring FAME to life, Paco Rabanne has called on one of the most exciting young actors of her generation: Elle Fanning. Elle is the quintessential FAME woman who’s shown the many facets of her persona in blockbusters like Maleficent (2014) as Princess Aurora, auteur cinema like Sophia Coppola’s The Beguiled (2017) and, more recently, in the Golden Globe-nominated Hulu Series The Great, where she embodies one of the greatest female rulers in history: Empress Catherine II.

In the glamourous new campaign shot by Solal Micenmacher, Elle Fanning embodies FAME in an enchanted, ultra-fashionable Parisian decor. The charming Elle channels the many moods of Paco Rabanne’s avant-garde muses, in a series of playful nods to forever icons.

For more information, visit their website HERE or check out Paco Rabanne on Instagram.