Gigi By Saben x Together Journal

The perfect wedding bag, the Gigi was designed by Saben in collaboration with our founder and editor, Greta Kenyon. Long after your wedding dress is nestled in its dry-cleaning bag at the back of your wardrobe, your Gigi will be just getting started. We show you how to style the Gigi post wedding…

“It’s versatile enough to look cool teamed with a suit and heels heels as well as with jeans for an off-duty look,” says Greta. “I chose the alabaster colour way over the black because I wear a lot of lighter nuetrals. I’ll be taking mine to events as well as pairing it with sneakers for a more casual weekend look. And who is to say you have to be getting married to enjoy the Gigi bag? I was married years ago but could not resist owning a Gigi of my own.

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Roanne at Saben designed the bag to make a statement and have strong design lines but not overpower the bridal look. “I fell in love with the concept designed by Roanne because it’s timeless but still modern. It has a nod to the 1950s that feels sophisticated as well as it being very feminine,” Greta says. 

You can read more about the design process here.

The Gigi has a tubular leather handle as well as a long slender chain which creates a glamorous jewellery-like effect and works for over-the-shoulder or cross-body wear. Or, if you prefer a clutch, both handles can be folded inside the bag.“Functionality is key,” says Roanne (pictured below in the Saben design studio), pointing out the interior zip pocket, phone pocket and clip for keys. “Even if you needed to carry a pair of extra tights you could do so in this bag without anybody knowing,”

Pre-order your GiGi bag here

“We’ve made a really sophisticated sculptural piece practical. “As for the colour, Roanne experimented and eventually chose a tone she calls Alabaster. “It’s not white, it’s not cream, it’s in between, but it looks beautiful next to white and cream.”

It would also look fabulous carried by bridesmaids. It would be the perfect gift for your bride tribe. One that would look gorgeous on the day and enjoyed by them afterwards.

We love the idea of a bride using the Gigi bag on her wedding day and then afterwards many more times because the clever design transcends weddings.

The Gigi is a limited number collaboration piece. Pre-order here now so you don’t miss out.