Girl by Rochas

Girl, environmentally friendly with a vegan formula. This is a fragrance is for a new generation which is attentive to its own well-being.

Girl by Rochas is a citrus woody floral, and while the scent is divine and refreshing it’s more than just a fragrance. This product has been designed according to environmentally responsible principles in terms of the fragrance formula and the packaging.

Rochas has worked with the entire industrial sector to reach the best possible compromise achievable given the constraints of the luxury industry.

At Together Journal we love the transparency of this brand. They don’t claim to be perfect but they strive to embrace the sincere approach of doing things better.

You can read more about their sustainability here.

In the top notes, luminous neroli with relaxing properties mingles with the freshness of pink peppercorn and blackcurrant bud.

In the middle notes, the fragrance develops with a bouquet of orange blossom and jasmine bursting with femininity. Lastly, white woods and vanilla leave behind a creamy, textured trail.

This summery floral fragrance is perfect for wedding guests, wedding parties and Christmas gifting especially as we enter the warm months.

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