Introducing MATER Beauty

Mindfully crafted for all time challenged women that have come to the realisation that they need to start putting themselves first, MATER Beauty prioritises minimum effort for maximum results.

Petra Škorić founded MATER Beauty after going through a journey of grief and the loss of her mother. To immortalise her mother’s timeless advice to look after and put herself first, Petra dedicated her time to creating luxurious, highly efficacious beauty products that maximised results and prioritised her time to balance the demands of motherhood.

She explains, “I have put my heart and soul into MATER Beauty. As a skincare fanatic, MATER Beauty uses premium, scientifically proven ingredients, and what I have left out matters too, so there are no artificial colours, fragrances, or cheap ingredients to ‘pad out’ the formulations. In addition, all MATER Beauty products have been tested over many months (on people, not animals of course) to ensure optimal results without irritation”.

Petra has chosen to launch with two face serums which are designed to work synergistically together as an entire post-cleansing routine. They’re loaded with actives and can be used both morning and night. To pack the most goodness into them, one is water based and the other oil based as healthy skin needs both water and oil to look and feel its best.

First up is the I WOKE UP LIKE THIS Beyond-hydration Perfecting Serum – a refreshing, hydrating power boost for skin, loaded with botanicals, vitamins and actives, yet oh-so-gentle. I WOKE UP LIKE THIS instantly hydrates and softens dehydrated skin, while working to brighten, plump and smooth your complexion over time. The oil-free, silky light and spreadable texture, absorbs rapidly with no sticky after-feel. It is suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive skin.

It can be used ALL over the face morning and night, including around the eyes, and don’t forget the neck.

A natural, gentler and safer retinol alternative for youthful skin and crafted from 100% natural plant-derived ingredients is the YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Supercharged Glow Drops. It is a powerhouse, light oil serum that works on all skin types and is designed to lock in the hydration provided by the I WOKE UP LIKE THIS Beyond-hydration Perfecting Serum as well as deliver a wealth of super-ingredients for healthy glowing skin.

The formulation is high in essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, carotenoids, vitamins and antioxidants, designed to soften the appearance of fine lines, fade hyperpigmentation, and boost skin’s natural collagen and elastin production for a youth-inducing glow.

MATER Beauty ticks all the boxes. The bespoke formulations offer the perfect balance of botanicals and actives – proven potent and highly effective while nurturing and soothing all skin types.

Learn more about MATER Beauty online or visit their Instagram page here.