Issue 28 Gift Wishlist

Find the best gifts for everyone with our Issue 28 Gift Wishlist. For this issue, we’ve put together an assortment of gift ideas, from quirky home staples to fashion pieces that are trendy and fun.

Above: 01 Christmas gift kits by Aesop / 02 Bennett Winch olive canvas weekender by Crane Brothers / 03 Hunza G Domino swimsuit in Mango Sorbet from Sisters & Co / 04 Fazek Vice Versa carafe from Paper Plane 05 B—line Boby Trolley M, 2 Drawers from Bob & Friends

Above: 06 Paloma coffee mugs by Città / 07 Sir The Label Cinta cut-out minidress in Valentina Floral from Sisters & Co / 08 Coco weave handbag in tan by Saben / 09 Bloom Doom navy sunglasses by Karen Walker / 10 Eidesis eau de parfum by Aesop / 11 The Lover heel in violet by Chaos & Harmony

Above: 12 Cabin towel by Città 13 The Lexi dress in sage by Marle 14 Hana cushions by Città 15 Salt & Stone natural deodorant from Paper Plane 16 Solid State Wayfarer cologne from Barkers 17 The Swoon heel in snow by Chaos & Harmony

Above: 18 Mens’ Pacer shoe in white blizzard by Allbirds 19 Drummer Girl necklace in rose gold by Karen Walker 20 Sigrid slip in hot pink by Juliette Hogan 21 Happy Holidays scent diffuser from Everyday Needs 22 Stacked Pebble vase from Ornament 23 Brass Meridian portable lamp from Paper Plane

Above: 24 Coco leather handbag in terracotta by Saben 25 Tata Harper cleanser collection from The Facialist 26 The Peugeot whisky glass from Barkers 27 Tom Ford eye colour palette from Smith & Caughey’s 28 Stanley lunch box from Barkers 29 Peace sleepers in rose gold by Karen Walker

Above: 30 Craft oak buffet by Città 31 Birkibuc Earthy vegan Birkenstocks from Karen Walker 32 Oud Wood candle by Tom Ford from Smith & Caughey’s 33 Fable belt by Chaos & Harmony 34 The Drift slides in camel by Chaos & Harmony 35 Minimese and Siamese bags by Deadly Ponies 36 Kirk Originals Ebony & Charcoal “Kirven” sunglasses by Crane Brothers 37 Navy cotton jersey polo shirt by Crane Brothers

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