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How did you originally get into music?

N: There was a lot of music in my house and by the time I was 12, I was playing gigs with my Dad and brother, Joel. I moved to New York in 1991 to study music, then to London in 1995. I’m grateful to have had a life in the music industry and to still be doing it.

J: Both my parents listened to good music when I was growing up, and I inherited their vinyl! I met Nathan when I was 20 and since then my life has been a mix of great sounds, style and art.

Categories: Inspiration-Jaimie & Nathan Haines

How would you describe your style and sound?

J: We combine Nathan’s expertise and love of improvised jazz with my love of modern dance and electronic music. Nathan plays live saxophone and flute and I DJ.

When did you start working together?

J: It started at the Oyster Inn on Waiheke where we did a Sunday afternoon Ibiza-style dance party. It was crazy — people were dancing on tables! We then progressed to doing parties a few years ago, and now weddings.

What is it like working with your spouse?

N: Jaimie has always had great taste and her musical ear is a rarity. I can honestly say she really is an excellent live DJ with her selections and technical ability.

J: Nathan is a hard taskmaster, but he’s always encouraged me. I help Nathan and he helps me. We are a team and we try to remember this when we work together. The beauty is finding a balance, respecting each other and never losing sight of love. Also, it’s important to have fun together.

Categories: Inspiration-Jaimie & Nathan Haines

What is your creative process like?

J: We spend a lot of time getting our tracks together, talking about what fits with what, and collating everything. The aim is to make everything look and sound smooth and effortless, although it’s quite the opposite! We both admire true artists and their ethos. Art and culture is central to our lives and to our family. The world needs more of it!

What have been some career highlights so far?

J: We were both resident DJs when The Chiltern Firehouse opened in London in 2015. You get certain places that become really happening and “now”, and that was one of those times for The Chiltern Firehouse. I was also flown to London to DJ a very exclusive wedding for the Rothschild family.

Categories: Inspiration-Jaimie & Nathan Haines

Categories: Inspiration-Jaimie & Nathan Haines What advice would you give to couples when it comes to planning the music for a wedding or an event?

Because we offer a one-stop service, we work very closely with the bride and groom to make sure we know who they are. Our advice is to get your favourite tracks together and trust us to do what we do best: making your day super special and unique with music.

Any career dreams or aspirations you would like to share with us? J: Nathan is nearing the end of his eleventh solo album, which is high on the list of aspirations! We would like to make some original music as Mr & Mrs Haines. We want to take the essence of who we are and our sound to the next level. Watch this space!

Rules or words you live by? Everything always comes back to love.

Whose wedding or event would you most like to play?

It is a privilege to play for couples who are genuinely in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. We never forget those weddings.

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