Jasmin Sparrow’s Solid Gold Collection

Jasmin Sparrow has just launched its most popular styles in solid 9ct gold, these pieces are effortless and timeless. Perfect for the modern bride.

Jasmin Sparrow is a catalogue of classic adornments that celebrate precious moments and acknowledge devotion. Expanding on their philosophy of creating adornments that can be forever treasured, they’ve created a new collection, Solid Gold which contains some of their most popular styles in solid 9ct gold.

By offering these pieces in such a high-quality material, the wearer needn’t have to worry about removing rings while washing hands, cooking, or applying cosmetics. The Solid Gold range is focused on making jewellery effortlessly part of your everyday life.

Jasmin Sparrow jewellery is already a popular pick for the modern bride, so this is a beautifully thought out option. It means your special wedding day jewellery will effortlessly last the years and can be passed down on to loved ones.

A subtle finishing touch, the small Marea hoops mimic the natural curves of the body. Gently hugging the earlobe in a sculptural metal form with irregular contours. These hoops can be worn alone, or artfully layered up the ear for a mismatched feel.

The Segre ring is a beautifully formed piece designed to make a statement. Wear either alone or stacked for a distinct look.

Historically worn as a reminder to what you are bound, rope rings are an antique staple, projecting elegance and charm that is centuries old. The Single Rope band features threads of 9K Gold twisted into an enteral band. Created to be worn stacked and paired with complementary pieces in multiple metals. 

All pieces are made to order by NZ based jewellers and crafted from recycled gold. You can see the full Solid Gold Collection here.