Jo Malone Scarlet Poppy Cologne Intense

Introducing the latest release by Jo Malone London, a shiny newcomer which both looks and smells gorgeously seductive: Scarlet Poppy Cologne Intense

The British perfume house travels the world for its Cologne Intense collection, seeking treasured ingredients to design opulent and unexpected scents.

Jo Malone’s latest creation pays tribute to the oriental poppy, a symbol of love, which blooms from metre-high stems in the Steppes of Asia. 

jo malone scarlet poppy cologne intense

“The accord I started with was velvety and powerful, so it was all about building on that. Like with a painting, you start with a central idea and you expand around it.” says perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui. 

“The scarlet poppy accord is very voluptuous and floral, with blooms that bring a rich intensity at the heart of the scent. This is complemented by orris, for that very soft velour touch and an accord of heliotrope for a deep, powdery feeling, with a top note of ambrette so that the fragrance is rich right from the beginning.”

jo malone london

A wonderful choice for winter brides, it’s destined to be spritzed on cool wedding days with warm base notes of smooth iris, barley and tonka bean. Ambrette, an aromatic plant derived from India, plays the top note here which is rare in a fragrance but harmonises well with the other notes at play. 


As though that’s not enough to inspire a new legion of beauty devotees, its bottle alone is one deserving of a prime spot on the vanity. Inspired by the poppy’s fiery petals, the scent is housed in slick letterbox red – a chic sidestep from the brand’s iconic black bottle.

Jo Malone Scarlet Poppy is now available to purchase online and in store.