Joanna + Hamish by Hayley Rafton

I love aesthetics and fashion, so I had a very clear vision. Scandinavian fashion has always been a big inspiration and when I started planning our wedding

Joanna —— I’m from Germany but moved to Sydney four years ago to study. I work in marketing for R.M.Williams. Hamish grew up on the North Shore of Sydney and has an interest in finance, music and golf. 

Joanna —— We met during my first few days in Sydney, on orientation day. To be completely honest, I wasn’t interested whatsoever and neither was he. We ended up in the same tutorial and became close friends. 

Hamish —— Our relationship was purely platonic for years. Then one day, all of a sudden I saw Joanna in a different light. I decided to surprise her with a proposal while she was wine tasting with the girls at the Hunter Valley. I organised for a helicopter to drop me right next to where they were eating and ended up proposing in front of her friends. 

Joanna —— I love aesthetics and fashion, so I had a very clear vision. Scandinavian fashion has always been a big inspiration and when I started planning our wedding, the colourful dresses and flowers of Swedish midsummer immediately came to mind. We decided to go for natural cream tones with fun pops of colours. I sent a colour palette to the guests to inspire their outfits. We splurged on a location by the water and were blessed with the boathouse team. I had never planned an event of this size and it all felt overwhelming in the beginning, but booking this location ended up being the best thing. I had the privilege of borrowing beautiful vases from Dinosaur Design, as I previously worked for the company. 

Joanna —— In Europe, it’s common to have some sort of entertainment at the wedding, a funny song or games. Our Finnish friend Jaakko, who knew the drill, prepared two games. One involved Hamish and I playing against each other, and another one for the whole crowd. People got really invested and competitive, running around the room. People still mention today how much fun it was. I always wanted a timeless dress and have long been a fan of silk. I fell in love with Hailey Bieber’s wedding dress, the off-the-shoulder look and long sleeves. When I saw the Natalie Rolt dress for the first time on Instagram, I knew it was the one. 

Joanna ——  I told Hamish he had two choices for his suit, cream or cream! Jokes aside, in the beginning he was after a dark green suit. I could totally see how it would look amazing on him but after we decided on the midsummer theme, I knew green probably wouldn’t work. He ended up custom designing his suit, choosing a beautiful light colour and a double-breasted jacket he absolutely loved. 

PHOTOGRAPHER Hayley Rafton @hayleyrafton CEREMONY LOCATION Church Hill Angelican — St Philip’s, @churchhillsyd CELEBRANT Justin Moffat WEDDING DRESS Rita gown by Natalie Rolt, @natalierolt VEIL Amélie George Bridal, @ameliegeorgebridal RINGS Monaco Jewellers from Macquarie Centre EARRINGS Shrimps, @shrimps HAIR & MAKEUP Holly Rayner, @hollyrosemua FRAGRANCE Rozu by Aēsop, @aesopskincare FLORA Ebony Gallagher @bythisgal BRIDE’S SHOES Tony Bianco, @tonybianco; Steve Madden, @stevemadden SUIT Suit Supply, @suitsupply GROOM’S SHOES Zara, @zara / RECEPTION LOCATION Manly Pavilion, @manlypavilion VIDEOGRAPHER Friend recorded the wedding with camcorder BRIDE’S SECOND DRESS By Johnny, @by_johnny GROOMSMEN’S ATTIRE Zara, @zara DJ Friend of the couple CAKE, CATERING & BEVERAGE Manly Pavilion, @manlypavilion