KAEĀ Skincare

KAEĀ, rooted in New Zealand’s heritage, leads with passion, respect, responsibility, and bravery. They blend traditional plant wisdom with green science, creating effective products that treat the skin holistically.

Their goal is to deliver exceptional results while preserving New Zealand’s precious flora and fauna for future generations.

They believe in giving back to nature completely. So much so that they ensure 100% of profits support their conservation and community projects. This commitment allows them to replenish the land, restore native plants and animals, and create a thriving, biodiverse ecosystem. By adopting this full-circle approach, they go beyond being carbon neutral, contributing to the well-being of both people and the planet.

In collaboration with esteemed aromatherapist Danièle Ryman, the skincare line utilises the extraordinary potency of New Zealand’s native natural ingredients. These high-performance concentrates are abundant in essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. The bio-compatible oils and balms created by KAEĀ effortlessly merge with the skin, swiftly absorbing to maximise their effectiveness.

The products are like a superfood for the skin, centred around home-grown Tahi UMF™ 15+ Mānuka honey. This rare and exceptional honey, exclusive to New Zealand, possesses remarkable healing and rejuvenating properties that deliver optimal skincare results.

KAEĀ has been tested independently and is proven to enhance the overall health and well-being of the skin. Figures from the brand are below:

  • Firm: Boost fibroblasts by up to 77% for increased skin firmness, with the help of kawakawa and kiwi seed oil contributing up to 50% of this effect.
  • Hydrate: Show significant improvements in hydration and elasticity, up to 20%.
  • Cleanse + purify: Our cleanser demonstrated up to 80% effectiveness in cleansing and purifying the skin, as reported by study participants after just four weeks of use.
  • Reduce redness + roughness: Statistically significant improvements in reducing skin roughness and diminishing redness, resulting in healthy-looking, smooth and supple skin.

Our editor, Greta, has been testing the formulation and shared her thoughts:

Cleanser: The cleanser has a unique gel-like texture that is both gentle and effective. I received a tip from a skincare expert to use it as a mask and leave it on for ten minutes for a deeper cleanse, which I tried and absolutely loved. I plan on incorporating this weekly into my routine.

Rejuvenator: At first, I found the rejuvenator a bit heavy, but I discovered that mixing it with a drop of the Vitaliser facial oil worked wonders for me. It’s a fantastic product, especially during the winter months when my skin craves extra hydration and protection.

Rescuer: The rescuer has quickly become a must-have in my handbag. It’s perfect for protecting lips and works wonders on cuticles too. And I do know that it’s antibacterial, so I will be pulling it out for any rashes or scraps my kids are bound to have at some point.

Vitaliser: The Vitaliser is a personal favourite. Oils have always been a top choice for me, and this oil by KAEĀ is truly exceptional. I adore how it effortlessly glides on and absorbs into the skin. It provides the extra hydration my skin craves. The scent is delightful, with hints of citrus and spice. It absorbs quickly, leaving my skin velvety smooth and imparting a lovely glow.

As someone who appreciates natural and scientifically-backed products, KAEā perfectly aligns with my preferences. And what sets them apart and above others further is their unwavering commitment to sustainability, making them one of the most environmentally conscious brands in the market. – Greta Kenyon, editor + founder at Together Journal

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