Kester Black Skincare

Kester Black, the esteemed beauty label hailing from New Zealand, has elegantly ventured beyond its renowned ethical nail polish line to unveil a new skincare collection.

Celebrated for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethereal practices, Kester Black has gracefully captivated the beauty industry with its visionary approach to skincare.

The brand’s focus is to indulge the skin with opulent, cruelty-free ingredients that evoke transformative results. Each product in the collection is meticulously crafted, blending an array of botanical extracts, resplendent vitamins, and restorative antioxidants. This harmonious fusion harnesses the powers of nature, bestowing nourishment and a radiant glow upon the skin.

From effective balm cleansers to indulgent moisturisers, Kester Black’s skincare collection embraces the full range of skin types. The brand has artfully designed eco-conscious packaging crafted from recyclable materials to house the new line in. And we love their choice of on-trend poppy pastels and interior box patterns.

Kester Black continues to redefine the paradigms of beauty through their unwavering dedication to quality and a passionate embrace of environmental responsibility.

Our Wishlist for Beauty…

Beauty + Self Care Wishlist

We have been trialling the new skincare range, and the “overachiever” balm cleanser is a firm favourite. We recommend warming the fingertips before massaging and cleansing the face. It will leave your skin clean and free of make-up but also beautifully nourished without the stripped feeling that other non-balm or non-oil cleaners can sometimes do. Trust us, once you try a balm or oil cleanser, it’s very hard to go back.

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