Linda & Marcel by Ceranna Photography

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love, what is unique about you and your relationship… We are a married couple, Procházka. We have been together since high school and it’s been 12 years already since our first official date.

Except loving each other Marcel loves music – he is singer and music producer and Linda works as a product designer – mostly working with glass installations. During our long journey, we saw a lot of places and we currently live in London.

Tell us about your special day, was there a specific theme or style? Tell us a little about the setting, the styling and some of your favourite details…

We chose to say our wedding vows privately in Scotland because we just love the nature and scenery. Our dream was to have a small wedding ceremony where emotions are in the first place but at the same time we didn’t want to leave out our families from such an important moment of our lives. So we decided to elope and then celebrate a proper big wedding with all friends and family members a month later in Prague.

We spent four days on Isle of Skye in a small company of just Bride &  Groom, our photographer and two cameramen. As we’re all good friends, it created really intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Tell us about your main outfits:

Linda wore a custom made dress by the Czech famour fashion designer Katerina Plamitzerova. Vintage pink colour and light material fit perfectly to the raw contour of Scottish nature because the draped fabric flew around beautifully in the windy weather.

What were some of the most memorable/unique moments from the day?

We experienced really exceptional situation right on the first day of our stay. Accidentally Marcel hurt Linda´s eyebrow by a bottle of whisky as he tried to help her jump down the rock while holding a bottle in the other hand. We went to the hospital where they fixed Linda’s eyebrow but we had to do all footage with a little patch on her face. It sounds really scary, but in the end it made us all just more tightly knit together. And after all, even if we once forge the words of the vows we told each other that day, a little scar on Linda’s forehead will remind us of that day forever! Everything is good after all. And what a story to tell!

Any advice for other couples planning to spend the rest of their lives together?

In our favourite book we read this: Love, it is a product of to love someone. To have the love you have to love. To love is a process.  It is meant to cherish, to hold each other, to make compromises, to succumb to someone. Never forget that, love and you will be loved until the rest of your days!

Location: Isle of Skye & Glencoe, Scotland | Videographer: DIB Production | Photographer: Ceranna Photography | Flora & Dried Flora Crown: Snapdragon Edinburgh | Suit: Topshop | Wedding Dress: Wedding Dress: Kateřina Plamitzerová | Makeup & Hair: The Bride