Linden Leaves oil cleanser and makeup remover

The Linden Leaves oil cleanser and makeup remover is the simplest way to remove make up at the end of a long day to leave your skin cleansed and nourished. Although let’s be honest, we’ve all jumped straight into bed after a late night out without taking off our makeup – even though we know how important it is for clear and healthy skin, sometimes we just need some extra encouragement. Well, here it is…

As the oil cleanser and makeup remover is an oil based product, it doesn’t require any harsh scrubbing or pressure plus it works gently to break down and lift makeup all while conditioning your skin and eyelashes. Featuring aloe vera to soothe, chamomile to calm and rose oil to nourish and repair, its the perfect before bed product to leave your skin soft, hydrated and ready for a good nights sleep.

We’ve been lucky enough to trial this product and we absolutely love how quickly it works and how it leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated and balanced giving a refreshed and clean complexion by morning. 

We also trialed it alongside the Indigo & Iris levitate mascara – a lengthening, hydrating and super black mascara. We were so impressed with how easily and quickly the oil cleanser removed all traces of mascara making it the perfect addition to your nightly routine. You’ll be sure not to jump in bed before removing your makeup with this by your side!

For more information or to purchase, you can visit the Linden Leaves website here, or Instagram here.