MAC Brume Fixante Setting Spray

Freshen up your face as well as your senses with MAC’s vibrant new Brume Fixate Setting Sprays that are sure to put a bounce in your step!

We’ve been using these for a few weeks now and absolutely love them! Makeup sets so well under it and stays that way without feeling heavy.

With a handy lock on the fixture, you’ll be able to keep your makeup bag clean. It also functions well – allowing the spray to fall in a light, even mist over your skin for great coverage.

The scents are so lovely and not too over-powering, it’s more like walking through an orchard rather than having perfume sprayed in your face.

Each Setting Spray bottle is named to reflect the vibe of their scent – Passion, Calm, Play, Balance, Compassion and Vitality. The formulas are alcohol-free and loaded with vitamins and minerals to make your skin feel smooth whilst cooling it down at the same time.

We love the mini-sized bottles, making them the perfect for summer road trips as they’re not bulky so you can easily pop them into your bag. With so many great colours, it’s dangerously tempting to get them all just to have them sitting pretty on your bathroom shelf!

For your own mood-boosting setting spray, visit MAC Cosmetics.