Shiseido Ultimune Serum Mist, Ginza Tokyo Edition

If you’ve been watching skincare tutorials you’ll know that the experts absolutely love their serums as a potent elixir full of benefits – well, now you can have one in a super-convenient mist with the Ultimune Refresh Defense Mist!

Hydration is the key to youthful skin, and even if you’ve mastered your skincare routine for morning and night – there’s still an entire day in between. With the summer months kicking in soon, we need to remember that our skin requires different things in the heat. We re-apply sunblock when we perspire, why not the same with a moisturising serum?

Because this formula comes as a mist, you can use it through the day without disturbing your makeup.

Ultimune Refresh Defense Mist uses Kirishima Mineral Springwater, Iris root extract and mushroom extract to strengthen your skins natural defenses and cool you down at the same time. How refreshing!

We love the energetic design of their packaging, perfect to reflect this limited-edition release for spring and summer – a time when we’re at our most active. The bottles are slim and light enough to carry with you everywhere as well as being waste-conscious as it comes with a refill. You can easily switch over the pump and lid to your new bottle and get back on the go.

For more info, visit Shiseido. Stockists include Smith+Caughey’s and Mecca.