McClurg’s $17,000 Giveaway

Imagine winning a bespoke piece of jewellery, to the value of $17,000 NZD made just for you that could be handed down through your family for generations. It really would be the ultimate Christmas present. Bought to you by celebrated jewellers McClurgs, in collaboration with Together Journal.

This is our most exciting giveaway to date, and it’s been so interesting and inspiring reading the creative ideas that have come in from people all over the world.

The giveaway is open to all locations; you don’t even have to be engaged to enter. And what’s even more exciting is that you can dream up (with the help of the experts at McClurgs) a truly original piece to cherish forever. It could be a ring, earrings, necklace, cufflinks, bracelet or brooch. See below some gorgeous inspiration from McClurgs and some of our favourite answers. All you need to do is tell us what you would create.
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We also thought it might be fun to ask the core team at Together Jornal what they would design if they were able to enter (TJ staff members, sadly, can’t enter this giveaway, but it’s still lovely to dream about it!). Turns out we all love rings!

I would create a lovely, weighty statement ring to wear every day. Similar in concept to the ring below worn by the model in the green dress. But I would go for a beautiful coloured stone. I would need McClurgs to advise what type of stone would be best, but I would love something light blue or light green.” Greta Kenyon – Editor at TJ

Enter here: McClurg’s Giveaway

This fantastic prize is the perfect celebration of love, whether that’s love for your partner, a family member, a best friend or for yourself. With the summer wedding season on the way, there’s a sense of optimism in the air which makes this wonderful collaboration from McClurgs and Together Journal beautifully timed.

“I would make a vintage style emerald cut light blue sapphire cocktail ring with a diamond band set in 18k gold.” – Tyne Hesslegrave – TJ Editorial team.

Enter here: McClurg’s Giveaway

As McClurgs regularly work with overseas customers, the giveaway is open to readers worldwide and anyone based outside of Hawke’s Bay can work with Hamish remotely.

“I would create a black diamond ring set in gold with tapered baguette diamonds on either side that could be a future family heirloom.” Talia Brogden – TJ Editorial team

Enter here: McClurg’s Giveaway

The process starts with a consultation, then sketches and designs to get the final version of the bespoke design that will be impeccably crafted by McClurgs’ master jewellers. The impressive $17,000 NZD budget allows for an open canvas and more than enough room to be very creative.

“This budget means you are well and truly within range for a high-quality diamond or coloured gemstone earrings, a pendant, an engagement ring or a cocktail ring,” adds Hamish.

The resulting one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery will be yours and your families to cherish forever, and the McClurgs team have been expertly guiding people through this process for generations.

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McClurg’s was established in Napier in 1914 and is currently run by father and son David and Hamish McClurg; they have been creating incredible jewellery for more than 100 years and are well-known for attentive service and superbly crafted jewellery made to the highest standards.

Hamish McClurg (pictured above) is looking forward to working through the design process with the winner and sharing the excitement of the new bespoke piece. “I think for some people getting a bespoke piece of jewellery created can seem quite a daunting, costly and lengthy endeavour. But in reality, it’s a really fun experience, no more costly than buying out of the shop window, and can be done within weeks, given the right guidance,” he says. “Our bespoke process is your chance to be creative and show off your personality by designing a piece of jewellery that is one-of-a-kind and uniquely yours. Making bespoke jewellery is what we pride ourselves most on and what we love doing more than anything else.”

We are so excited to find out who will win this incredible giveaway and even more excited to see what they will create in partnership with the talented folk at McClurgs Jewellers.

Enter here: McClurg’s Giveaway

Giveaway T&Cs here T&Cs here

The giveaway ends at 8:00 pm NZST on 20/12/2022 – all entries must be submitted by then.

Read More: Selecting your Perfect Ring with Hamish of McClurgs Jewellers

And check out the McClurgs website or the McClurgs Instagram feed for more inspiration.