Meet Hundy: the supplement revolutionising the way we celebrate

It all starts at the engagement celebrations with a glass or two clinked over tales of first dates and surprise proposals. Then there’s the rehearsal dinner, pre-nuptial gatherings and of course, an evening groove with the newlyweds.

But with brunch, barbeques and dare we say it, activities, often on the agenda for guests the following day, you want to wake up feeling your very best. That’s where Hundy comes in.

Designed to support the body’s natural recovery after the night turned out to be a little bigger than anticipated, the revolutionary supplement boasts active ingredient Dihydromyricetin. Also known as DHM, the herbal extract derives from the Japanese Raisin Tree and has been a mainstay in Chinese herbal practice for centuries gone by, all thanks to its healing properties.

So how does it work? The all-natural ingredient aids the liver’s natural detoxification process through the elimination of toxic by-products – often sparked by indulgent dinners and rich beverages. At the same time, Hundy protects the brain’s GABA receptors which helps to shake off the all too familiar grey cloud which casts a shadow the morning after.

The best part? Only the good stuff goes into Hundy so there are no additives, flavourings or colourings to be found on its ingredients list. What’s more, the New Zealand supplement is proudly gluten-free and plant-based. You just have to remember to take two Hundy capsules with a large glass of water before heading to bed in order to reap the benefits so make sure to leave them by your pillow before gracing the dancefloor.

Here at Together Journal, we recommend considering Hundy for guest favours or as a welcome addition to bridal party gifting. Each supplement is beautifully housed in an ultra-chic monochrome sachet so it won’t look out of place no matter what your wedding theme or aesthetic.

A good fit for the bride or groom is ‘You and Me’, a monthly delivery service which provides you and your partner with two sachets a week. No last minute changes or tossing and turning in the lead-up to the big moment will threaten how you feel on your special day.

While ‘You, Me and Who’ will send you, your lover/friend/neighbour three sachets a week so no spontaneous weekend away or midweek cocktail will leave you feeling under the weather.

After months spent dreaming,plotting and planning your perfect day, the last thing a bride or groom wants is to feel anything less than a Hundy (100%). With these clever capsules by your bedside, you can celebrate big moments with the ones you love when it matters the most.

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