Monarc Jewellery’s latest collection celebrates the joy of collaboration

Monarc Jewellery Unum collection

It’s now more important than ever before to give a hearty shout out to local talent whether that’s popping to the neighbourhood coffee joint or filling your bedside dish with heaps of homegrown bling.

We’re already planning to do more of the latter with the launch of Monarc Jewellery’s latest collection, Unum.

Derived from the latin word for together, it’s a nod to founder Ella Drake’s collaboration with travel writer Christina Macpherson and founder and editor of online lifestyle platform Sauce, Zeenat Wilkinson.

“From a business sense, I think it’s vital that brands have or add a string of ‘togetherness’ to their bow,” Drake says on the recent launch.

Designed to be swapped, stacked or simply never taken off, the 16-piece collection strikes the perfect balance between contemporary minimalism and everyday wearability.

Monarc Jewellery

Take the Virginia Huggie hoops for instance.

For those craving a staple earring that can be elevated for different occasions, the delicate jewels have been embellished with three of the brand’s cult silhouette add-ons: the Praesidio Shell, Maison and Alfil. 

Alfil Earrings

The latter, a delicate elephant charm crafted from sterling silver and gold vermeil, pays homage to designer Zeenat Wilksinon’s heritage.

For every Alfil design sold, 10% of the profits will be donated to Save The Elephants, a Kenya-based organisation campaigning to secure a safer future for the planet’s cherished creatures. 

Praesidio Shell earrings

In a similar act of generosity, 10% of the profits made from every sale of the Praesidio Shell, will be donated to Oceana, a charity organisation dedicated to protecting the world’s waters.  

Mirroring the London-based company’s ethos and commitment to sustainability, each demi-fine necklace and pair of earrings has been lovingly crafted from recycled precious metals and organic textures.

Monarc Jewellery Unum collection

The white topaz threaded throughout the Unum series comes from an alluvial source meaning no mining of the earth was undertaken to procure the gemstones.

The ‘Maison’ style showcases how the dazzling jewel can be incorporated into everyday wear.

Monarc Jewellery Unum collection

A co-design between Amy Fraser and Monarc, the interchangeable hoops, available in both silver and gold, will elevate your go-to jewellery stack in one fell swoop.

It’s never been more timely to show support for businesses both big and small. So next time you look to update your day diamonds, think longterm and invest in pieces that can be loved by you and generations to come.

Visit Monarc Jewellery to view the entire collection.