Natalie Marie Jewellery departs wholesale and welcomes a new era of conscious creation

A new transition will allow Natalie Marie Jewellery to wholeheartedly focus on conscious creation.

Family-owned jewellery studio Natalie Marie Jewellery, has announced its departure from wholesale in favour of a direct-to-consumer model. This transition allows Natalie Marie Jewellery to wholeheartedly focus on conscious creation, a value that has been at the core of the business since inception, and avoid creating any more stock than demand dictates.

NMJ will now solely focus on making pieces with intention and designing collections that speak to the heart, imbued with a creativity that hasn’t been dictated by external deadlines.

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“Through the instability of a global pandemic, we turned inwards as a brand and assessed what was truly serving us. Fundamentally, we felt our wholesale channel was beginning to take us away from our core values and we started to feel misaligned,” explains Creative Director and Founder, Natalie Fitch,

With a decision to either dilute the brand’s vision for conscious, local production and find alternative routes to manufacture increased volumes or stay true to its ethos and commit to only creating within their means. The brand chose its values and long-term vision.

The move into wholesale initially was a way to grow the business and propel NMJ’s personalised approach and unparalleled aesthetic to the global stage. Mindful about which brand partners they worked with, NMJ secured an established list of stockists including Farfetch, David Jones and The Iconic.

However, despite best intentions, the brand accumulated surplus stock as well as samples for every wholesale collection while following traditional retail models.

It was this realisation that led NMJ to reassess its place in this industry and this world, and the direct-to-consumer model allows the brand to both instil its value system into every piece made, but also to ensure there is no waste or surplus.

The closing of one chapter and the beginning of another coincides with the brand’s first and last archive sale. “As we depart from wholesale, it makes complete sense for us to honour the energy and time that went into creating each of our sample and ex- showroom pieces throughout the years.

“These sample pieces and retired styles are an opportunity for customers to purchase one-off styles, without the wait and we’re excited to see them find their forever homes,” says Creative Director and Founder, Natalie Fitch.

The sale is currently live online at