Ngutu Pā by Curionoir

The latest from Curionoir, Ngutu Pā, meaning ‘Lips that Touch’ in te reo Māori. A bold fragrance that is extremely deep, earthy, animalistic, and complex.

Ngutu Pā is the eleventh extrait de par fum to join the range of fine character fragrances at Curionoir, reputedly the only Māori fragrance developer in the world.

It arrives with another worldly, bodily presence, then, once the liquid becomes one with the wearer it smoothes.

“This parfum has taken some time to create. I wanted to make sure once applied to the skin, it was evocative and deeply sensual without being sexual, yet carried the literal element of intimate interactions from the translated poem. This has been a particularly fulfilling experience as not only are whanaunga involved, but we have collaborated with many Māori artists.” says Tiffany Witehira, creator of Curionoir.

Ngutu Pā would make for a deeply sentimental gift this Christmas for the one you love the most.

Deeply inspired by sensual tales from tawhito Māori pūrakāu, Tiffany Witehira accompanies Ngutu Pā with the
poem, ‘I like my body when it is with your….’ by E.E Cummings, translated for Ngutu Pā, by Te Haumihiata Mason.

With notes of Cinnamon, Nargarmotha, Angelica, Cedarwood, Cacao, Orris, Rose Absolute, Rockrose, Oud, Vanilla and Castoreum, Ngutu Pā is definitely for the curious fragrance enthusiast.

Curionoir creates fragrance, taonga, and rare objet d’art that evoke memories in a world of sensory intangibles. Smell is the only sense that connects directly to memory. In this way, parfums are stories, binding the past to the present, weaving worlds together.

The fragrances created by Curionoir are designed for skin and space, their essence blending with the wearer to create an utterly unique experience: a story entirely their own. Curionoir is built on deeply rooted traditions and memories of relatives; weaving flax, carving bone and wood, mixing tinctures of native herbs. Tiffany Witehira (Ngāpuhi) draws on her own past to respond to the rich, varied history of perfumery.

Ngutu Pā is available from the Curionoir perfumery, select retailers and online.