OPEN CONVERSATIONS: Jordan Rondel at The Caker

Photograph by Emma Isabella Holley

Jordan Rondel the fonder of cult cake brand The Caker and long time friend of Together Journal chatted with us today about what she is doing and how she is feeling in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Jordan is currently based in Los Angelas and her business operates both in America and New Zealand.

We hope that by having these honest conversations with brands and people we admire that it will bring our community closer together, help people relate to one another and inspire people to think of new ideas in these challenging times.

Photograph by Hill Collective

What is The Caker doing at this time to adjust to this current landscape?
In the current landscape, with events being cancelled and offices working from home meaning there’s less need for staff birthday cakes or Friday afternoon cake sessions, we have noticed a decline in orders for sure. But I’m trying to encourage people to remember that cake brings happiness, which we need in times like this, and we shouldn’t be cancelling our celebrations, we should just be doing them a bit differently. My recipe books and cake kits are what I’m really pushing right now, because I want people to still be able to enjoy good cake and engage in the joy that comes from baking, without necessarily having to leave the house. 

How are you feeling personally? 
I’m in Los Angeles, where things are a lot more intense than they seem to be in NZ. Here, pretty much everything is closed and I’m starting to feel pretty confined. All of a sudden the planning and thinking ahead that I’ve been doing seems pointless as we have no idea what will happen in the coming months. So I’m stressed, to say the least! But I believe that positivity breeds positivity so that’s the attitude I’m trying to embody and I’m just taking each day as it comes!

What do you predict for the future for your business and the wedding sector? 
So far I’m noticing that people are postponing their weddings, not cancelling them, so ultimately in the long scheme of things I don’t think we’ll be too affected by this. I’m most worried about the wellbeing of my staff because if the bakery is forced to close I really want them to all be okay financially and otherwise. I have to pay the rent regardless of what happens, so that’s on my mind, but I’m trying not to think of the worst-case scenario.

What are you looking forward to? 
I’m looking forward to more people appreciating my cake kits. This is the perfect time to be baking at home and enjoying the one true scent that lifts the spirits – the aroma of a cake turning golden in the oven. 

What messages do you want to get out there to couples planning to marry in the near future, particularly those booked for cakes with you?
It must be such a disheartening feeling having to put off the day that you were so looking forward to, but my message is to keep in mind that this will all be over in time so to just set your sights on that. When the day does eventually come, I’m sure it’ll mean that it’s even more special and the cake will taste even more delicious than it would have before all of this madness!

Any messages for others in the business and wedding sectors you would like to pass on? 
Try to think about other avenues that could help you stay motivated and/or financially afloat – think outside the lines – for example I’m going to collaborate with a friend of mine on creating a cool apron. Use the time to get super organised, revel in the quiet of this weird time and let it inspire you to get creative. 

Photograph by James K Lowe

To learn more about The Caker click here for the website and here for the Instagram. And to check out The Caker’s cake boxes link here

(speaking from experience we can highly recommend The Caker’s cake boxes, they are delicious!)