Contemporary shades of pink in a stylish setting for a modern couple.

We embarked on a journey to curate a chic, contemporary photoshoot that captures the essence of modern elegance for a stylish couple. Our vision was to strike the perfect balance, blending the sophistication of formal attire for both ladies with an atmosphere that exudes a relaxed, enjoyable vibe. Each element was meticulously planned to showcase the harmony between high fashion and effortless grace. The choice of location, the selection of garments, and the subtle yet striking accessories all contributed to a scene where formality meets ease. The result is a visual symphony that celebrates the union of style and comfort, perfect for today’s discerning fashion enthusiasts.

Kewpie in Fitzroy perfectly encapsulates this vibe with its timeless furnishings, rosy backdrop, and inviting pool table—a blend of amusement and romance, just what we envisioned!

Pink, with its vibrant allure, makes a bold statement in both fashion and photography. To elevate our “pink theme” to new heights, we collaborated with Royal Folk Studios to design adorable pink veils and partnered with Budsnroses to create stunning pink bouquets. These thoughtful additions brought an extra touch of charm and elegance, perfectly highlighting the power and beauty of pink.

The array of soft, hot, blush, and nectar pinks formed a unique yet stunning colour palette. Alana skilfully applied Molly’s makeup with deeper tones and vibrant hues, while Hayley’s featured a softer, luminous base, harmonizing perfectly with the theme.

Documenting Molly and Hayley savoring food and games at Kewpie, accompanied by pink cocktails, brought joy to the senses and was a pleasure to photograph.

PHOTOGRAPHER O Lemonade, MODELS + AGENT Wink Models – Molly Richardson, @its.miss.molllly; Bella Management – Hayley Spirkovska, @hayleyspirkovska FLORA Buds n Roses, @budsnroses HAIR & MAKEUP Alana MUHA, @alana_muha VENUE Kewpie, @kewpiefitzroy GARMENTS Shona Joy, @shonajoy; Asher and Archer, @asher.and.archer VEIL Royal Folk, @royalfolkstudio