Free Precious Gems Digital Zine

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It’s truly a sight to behold! All our favourite jewellery brands gathered in one place, showcasing their stunning pieces. Each artisan in this curated collection brings a unique point of difference. The variety and scope are breathtaking, ensuring there are pieces to suit every taste, budget, location, and need.

What we love most about this glorious selection is the personal connection we have with these brands. They are friends of Together Journal, partners we have worked with closely and hold in high regard.

Our community is full of passionate experts who love what they do and take immense pride in not only what they produce but also how they produce it. We can honestly say, hand on heart, that behind each of these brands is a person who cares deeply about their craft. If we were in the market for special pieces, this collection of jewellers is where we would look ourselves, without a doubt.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect pair of earrings to complement your bridesmaids’ attire, ethical wedding rings, or a statement engagement ring, you’ll find numerous options here. The only challenge? Choosing!

Aroha nui
The TJ team