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Welcome to our 16th issue!

Weddings are about joining so much more than the hearts and lives of the two people standing at the altar/on the clifftop/in the garden or wherever it is you choose to say “I do”. They’re also an opportunity to celebrate your family, friends, culture, heritage and all the many important elements that define you both individually and together. Our cover couple Monita and Aaron Sami chose to have not one but two weddings (well, why the heck not?!) so they could fully honour what makes their life unique. Their events were both very different but the common threads that tied them together were authenticity, true love and pure joy. Just look at that smile on Monita’s face!

You’re probably not organising two weddings as Monita and Aaron did, but knowing how complicated it can be to plan just one, to help you on your own special journey, we joined forces with the wonderful Beck Wadworth of An Organised Life to create the ultimate insider’s guide. The Together Journal x An Organised Life Wedding Planner is design-driven, advice-filled and all you need to help you arrange anything from a small elopement to the grandest extravaganza with relative ease. We take you behind the scenes of its creation and our serendipitous collaboration on page 40.

Speaking of authenticity, on page 160, we speak to New York-based model Georgia Pratt-Holiber, who imparts some of the wisest words we’ve heard when it comes to marriage, love and life in general. She encourages us not to conform for the sake of conforming and to gently let go of any expectations that don’t feel true to you. Allow your day to transcend your exterior and be more about what makes you feel good on the inside. The love you share, the commitment you’re making and the fun you’re having is far more important than making drastic changes in order to look ‘like a bride’ (or groom). These thoughts are echoed by designer Katie Yeung on page 52, who gives us a first look at her beautiful new Curve ranges (modelled by New Zealand opera singer Isabella Moore) and passionately challenges the ‘shoulds’ confronting brides-to-be when it comes to their appearance and sartorial choices.

This issue closes with a heartfelt conversation with Rebecca and Greg Anderson, the wife-and-husband team behind beloved local footwear label Chaos & Harmony. On page 168, they talk about their commitment to each other, their business and other couples, who they encourage to think about the ‘being married’ part of the proceedings as much as the ‘getting married’ bit.

Our job here at Together Journal is to help you consider all the options. While supporting you to be your best self, we say don’t go changing who you are – do what feels right for you, whatever that may be.

With Love TJ x