Together Journal #22 DIGITAL

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Welcome to our 22nd issue! Cover photographed by Sapphire Studios and features real wedding couple, Westley & Guy


We are now one whole year into a global pandemic. As I write this letter and put the final touches on one of my favourite issues to date (from within my level three bubble whilst trying to homeschool three children), I can’t help but reflect on all that has happened over the past twelve months.

It’s a strange feeling to be living through such a monumental historical event, one that has us fighting back by staying home and upping our hygiene habits to an obsessive- compulsive level. But I disagree that these times are unprecedented; the world has and always will suffer hardship in the form of disease and plagues, wars, financial depression and natural disasters. This is part of the pattern of humanity. And like everything else before, we will come out of it, eventually.

And when we do, I want to remember how we still loved and how we still got married, even though it may not have been precisely when or how we wanted it to be. There likely would have been many friends and family missing from the guest list, you may have had to settle for an alternative location, or your date could have been bumped, more than once. But you still did it! You still celebrated; you went right on ahead in your own wonderful way and married the one you love despite the disarray. And by doing so, you not only inspired other couples to go forward in trying times too, you inspired people, in general, to keep on living.

When I look through these pages, I am filled with pride and happiness. It’s a beautiful celebratory testament not only to the gorgeous couples who we have featured but to everyone who has fought back and married over this past year. It’s also a credit to the talented creatives and brands who have worked beyond what they ever thought they could and have flourished in brand new ways. Over the past year, the weddings I have seen are truly some of the most heartfelt and gloriously creative weddings I have ever seen. People seem more present, more creative, more willing to appreciate the smaller things and kinder.

We hope this issue of Together Journal brings you happiness and helps you see some silver linings.

Greta and the team at TJ x