Together Journal #26 DIGITAL

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Welcome to our 26th issue! Cover photographed by Justin Westwood and features real wedding couple, Jayde+Scott

Welcome to issue 26 of Together Journal.
It’s a strange and heavy time in our world at the moment. We hope

this issue can offer a small reprieve and remind you that there is still so much love out there and many things to look forward to.

We have curated thirteen glorious, feel-good weddings, interviewed talented boutique jewellers McClurg’s, along with one of their bespoke jewellery couples, to give you insight into how they work from both sides. We speak with bridal designer Karen Willis Holmes about her latest elopement collection. Closer to home, we give you the first look at the new version of our highly anticipated wedding planner. Once again, we have collaborated with Beck Wadworth at An Organised Life to bring you the ultimate planning tool.

Expect all the regular fashion, jewellery and gift ideas, plus tips for writing vows, up and coming artists to watch, and Instagram feeds to bring you joy.

Beyond this issue, we encourage you to believe that many small actions can make a difference. Reach out to your neighbours and friends, offer help or time. Research and donate to a reputable local or global charity if you can. All these little actions add up.

We hope this issue puts a smile on your face and you share that smile with someone who needs it.

Aroha nui
Greta and the TJ team x