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Welcome to our 21st issue! Cover photographed by Tess Follett and features real wedding couple, Alexandra + Stefan. 


Over the past year, pandemics and politics have overwhelmed us and forced more change in a single year than what most people would have expected to see in a lifetime. The impact this has had on weddings is monumental.

At Together Journal we believe change is a key driver of creativity and innovation, and that restriction can stimulate an inventive mind. Proof of this lies within these pages showing the brave and original couples who have carried on with their wedding dreams, albeit slightly or in many cases majorly adapted from what they first imagined their wedding day to be like.

Hearts have been cracked open and the stories we have for you in this issue are honest, raw, and moving. Unexpected joy has been found in the most simple of things and people have reset their sights to focus more on the importance of each other rather than the pomp and pretension which can at times polarise what matters most.

And in terms of styling, locations, traditions, and structure of the day? Well, that’s all been turned on its head. Thanks to forced restrictions, the expectation of what a wedding ‘should’ be like has been dropped somewhat. There is a sense of just do it any way you can, make love win, and fight back by doing something wonderfully unique. It’s an exciting time to be alive in the wedding industry! We have a huge opportunity to leverage this and keep reinventing weddings.

This issue brings with it a glorious mix of different cultures and styles of wedding. We have Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and non-religious weddings. A Scottish, Indian fusion wedding, city weddings, country weddings, large scale traditional affairs, and tiny last-minute lockdown weddings just to highlight a few. Learning how different families and communities are celebrating love, merging their traditions, and sharing their cultures brings us so much joy.

Our purpose for Together Journal is not only to inspire couples-to-be but also to make anyone who picks up this magazine feel happy. We hope these pages filled with love and celebration, in some small way provide a welcome reprieve from the stresses of today’s world and for a moment fill your heart with joy and your mind with ideas.

Here’s to a new year and new hope for all. TJ x

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