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Welcome to our 20th issue! Cover photographed by Stephan & Nakita and features real wedding couple, Laura & Eddie

Love in the time of COVID…

Our world has been tipped upside down. Plans have been shattered, families and friends kept apart. Household brands have disappeared, economies have been shaken. And many lives have been lost. Everyone everywhere is affected.

But through all of this, love has remained strong. In many cases, it’s grown stronger.

We are so happy to still be here, weathering the storm. We know we still have battles to fight and a long road ahead, but we have hope and we believe this too shall pass.

In the meantime, we choose to hunt out the joy, to celebrate love, kindness, family and friends. And to do everything in our power to spread that joy and love around.

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary with this issue, which just so happens to be symbolised by platinum, a perfect opportunity to pair up with our like-minded friends at Zoe & Morgan to give away a platinum ring to one lucky reader (details on page 26).

We also dish up 20 real weddings, the largest number we have featured in any issue to date. Many of these glorious weddings take the form of a ‘micro’ wedding or an elopement. Although they involve a limited number of guests, these weddings are far from limited creatively. For those weighing up whether to get married under the current restrictions, our advice is to focus on what you have, dream up a new kind of celebration, and figure out how to marry despite the disruption. You can read more about why we are choosing to embrace the micro wedding on page 28.

In this issue, we celebrate success stories from innovative brands who are leaning into their strengths to survive and thrive. Chaos & Harmony, Crane Brothers and Curionoir are all examples of this mentality, which never sits still and unfailingly puts customers at the heart of the business.

We also took the opportunity over lockdown to be creative and to diversify what we could offer you. We have launched interactive digital magazines which can be ordered on our website, along with our print versions, and we refreshed our design to create a whole new look and feel. Despite everything, we are still excited about the future and will fight to make it the best future possible.

Same heart, new look. TJ x

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