Q&A with Kathryn Tasker of Little White Table

We recently spoke with Kathryn Tasker of Little White Table to know more about the brand’s history and her design inspirations.

Known for her dreamy set-ups and carefully curated design pieces, Kathryn of Little White Table has since made it her job to make every gathering that she’s worked on a beautiful memory that her clients can fondly look back on. Continue reading below for more…

Tell us a little bit about Little White Table Events, how it came about, what you do and your style?

Little White Table came about as just a fun, creative thing to do with friends. I asked my partner if we would build me a low table so I can have picnics outside with friends and make them a lot more glamorous and chic rather than just your standard picnic rug and chilli bin. It wasn’t till a friend came over and said you should really rent those out and then I thought you’re so right. As my creative brain started going, I decided to create an Instagram for it, taking cute photos and finding amazing spots to have mini picnics. As time went on, I created a brand for it, making a trademark and logo, following up with a website and grew from there.

As my main job, I am a hairstylist at Taska and Harte so I was not able to work for three months at the end of 2021 lockdown when covid took off. My clientele and business for Little White Table grew from there as in Auckland we could only have picnics outside with 30 people. So, of course, the emails flooded in, and to see this baby grow and develop into this magical beautiful brand that just keep giving and was able to turn people’s backyards into dreamy European Oasis’s to any theme of their choice. I would say my style ranges a lot but I love the European vibe whether its French girl next door to Spanish\Italian head scarfs, hats, berets. I love fashion and I bring it out within the picnics I create for people. 

Where do you see styling trends heading in the future?

I feel like trends are changing for the better. People are not afraid of colour anymore in fact, the more the better. I love a mismatch of colour in an outfit. Sometimes you wouldn’t think it would work but it really does when you see it all together then I bring it through in the set ups I do. I love European style pops of yellow, bright flowers, and beautiful luxe velour all sourced in Morocco to give the taste of all elements of the world. I think it’s only the start of colour for us. Watch the space, summer is going to be very bright.

Is there any advice you would give to couples who are planning for their wedding?

As a hairstylist as my main job and I have done a lot in my time, I would honestly say don’t sweat the small stuff. The day goes so quick, all the small details and the lead up, enjoy every moment so you can look back and think you had the time of your life.

What has been one of your most memorable experiences?  

Being featured in issue #28. When you see it in the flesh on paper, I’m still in awe that I created that from nothing. Just an idea and a passion and love for creating and making memories for people.

What would be your ultimate event to style, what would it look like and where would it be?

So when I first started this about 5 years ago, my inspiration was Spell in Byron bay. I loved their vibe and passion for the outdoors. I would love to style a Spell or a Zimmerman picnic, adding my touch for them as a luxe European feel to their special event. My dream location would have to be Tuscany, Italy, Spain, France because so much of my inspiration comes from there. I do have some pretty amazing events coming up in magical spots so watch the space.

Learn more about Little White Table by visiting their website HERE or Instagram HERE.