The new active skincare brand harnessing the transformative power of New Zealand botanicals.

Aotearoa is a treasure trove of powerful natural ingredients, and it was with this in mind that Kiwi Katey Mandy launched her skincare brand RAAIE (pronounced “Ray”). Harnessing the power of potent botanicals like mamaku, kānuka, alpine rosehip and marine algae, the first two products — a morning vitamin C serum called Morning Dew, and Yellow Moonbeam an evening retinal elixir — aim to target signs of ageing, brighten the skin, and provide a boost of protection from environmental damage too. If you’ve been looking for skincare to give you that big day glow, RAAIE might just be your perfect match.

“When I came back to New Zealand, I realised we are so fortunate to have access to a treasure trove of unique ingredients — some of which are only just being discovered,” says Katey, who spent 11 years working in the fashion and beauty industries in London and New York.

“New Zealand’s botanicals are special because of their resilience – they survive under some of the harshest UV in the world. In response, the plants have developed unique defensive mechanisms by producing very high levels of antioxidants. It’s like they have created their own ‘plant sunblock.’

“This inspired me to create a brand of my own, one that would truly resonate with people and be a unique, sought-after presence in the global beauty landscape.”

Central to the brand’s ethos is an awareness of our complex relationship with the sun in this part of the world. While we celebrate it and enjoy it, the Antipodean sun is harsh, requiring several methods of protection to truly diminish the effects of sun damage and ageing. In fact, sun exposure is shown to be responsible for 80-90% of visible facial ageing.

Taking this into consideration, Mandy recognised the need for products that are equally restorative and preventative, inspired by the power of nature to both protect and heal.

Katey has a strong vision for RAAIE. Ensuring that each detail is as considered as the last, RAAIE demonstrates core values that are more than just skin deep.

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