Real Wedding: Aileen & Brandon – Photography by James Frost

We both moved to NYC after graduating, and originally met in a sketchy club on the West Side Highway in November 2011 (we only discovered this a few years later when we found a selfie Brandon took on a Kodak disposable and I was in the background). We ended up meeting properly six months later at a bar with mutual friends. We got married at one of the oldest churches in Panama.


We knew right off the bat what we wanted location-wise. We didn’t want a formal venue or a hotel ballroom. We wanted a location that felt ‘homey’ and had character – we didn’t want to have to decorate an empty room. The restaurant is a restored home that has a very particular identity. They grow their own crops and are known for their twist on Panamanian food – it was the perfect setting. We wanted the theme to be tropical and exotic to our friends from the States, and something new and casual for our friends in Panama. We had banana leaf patterns, gold and a simple design. We wax-sealed every single invitation with a custom gold pineapple stamp.One of our favourite details was the bridal party attire – for the bridesmaids we had everyone pick their own dress and had a mix of solid colors and prints for the maids of honour (I had four). The groomsmen all wore Levi’s 511’s with a tux jacket. We didn’t ask anyone to shave, or cut their hair or look a certain way. We wanted everyone to be and feel like themselves and be comfortable and we definitely achieved it. My dress was not what I thought I’d like! I never thought I’d wear a strapless dress, or tulle… But in the first store I visited (I had 10 appointments set up across New York over three days) I tried it on, tried it on again, and again and then one more time (disregarding all the other dresses the very nice lady had pulled out for me) and then I knew I didn’t want to take it off! Fell in love, bought it, cancelled all of the other nine appointments. A very special moment was our dog Wally crying and running towards us when we exited the church! He was a groomsman and had spent all day hanging out with the guys. He was waiting outside the church with one of our friends, all dressed in a full suit with tails. When the church doors opened and we walked outside, the first thing we remember was Wally crying and pulling his leash from excitement to get to us. It was the best congratulations kiss and hug we got that night!











Photography – James Frost | Brides Attire – Oscar de la Renta gown and BHLDN veil | Hair and makeup – Del Pozo Barchelona | Grooms Attire – Emporio Armani | Reception and Food – Restaurant Maito | Flora – Boutique Flowers PTY