Need a little cocktail inspiration for New Year’s Eve? Try Red Injustice, created by Nicholas Harrison of Golden Dawn. It’s perfect for parties, weddings and large groups – and for when strawberries are in season – like now! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and stay safe.

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Red Injustice

120mls Rogue Gin

2 table spoons caster sugar

8x Strawberries

2x teaspoon Cracked Pepper

2x All Good White Grapefruit Bottles

Served in a Large 1L jug

Garnish with Strawberries

Muddle strawberries with 1x teaspoon of cracked pepper, 2x tablespoons caster sugar and 120mls of Rogue Gin in a large jug, fill with ice, top up with White Grapefruit soda, stir & sprinkle the remaining cracked pepper over top of the jug.

Credits: Recipes and Cocktail Creation Nicholas Harrison / Location Golden dawn / Glasses Simon James, Nest & Mildred & Co / Photography & Styling Greta Kenyon

Two more glorious cocktails inside issue two.


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