Reclaim your self-care regime with Shiseido’s Vital Perfection series

Shiseido vital protection

From weeknight face masks to finally figuring out which serum goes first, it took a global pandemic for many of us to re-establish a skincare regime to be proud of.

But with many of us returning to the office, it’s already proving difficult to squeeze a little self-love into our morning routine amid the daily noise of life. 

So we’ve added the Shiseido ‘Vital Perfection’ series to the top of our wish list in a bid to reclaim the self-care regime we’ve grown accustomed to in recent months.  

shiseido moisturiser emulsion

After several years spent in the lab, the beauty gurus at Shiseido discovered that sensory neurons play a significant role in our skin’s elasticity as we grow older.

Over time, the peripheral nerve fibres decrease leading to a depletion of collagen.

In a bid to slow down the skin’s ageing process, Shiseido soon learned that plant-derived ingredient, Phytoconnect, can be used to target and activate these sensory neurons once more.

Long story short: it’s the secret to stronger, firmer skin. 

Shiseido vital protection

Now, the Japanese beauty house includes the magic ingredient in each of its products.

A mighty fine example? The Shiseido Uplifting and Firming Day Emulsion.

A light, everyday cream designed to reawaken the skin in one fell swoop, it’s sure to become your pre-coffee staple – especially on Mondays.

With a rich SPF30 formula, consider it the answer to achieving that covetable spring glow without the sun damage.

Bringing a dose of luxury to your bathroom shelf, the new line boasts the delightful scent of the Noble Orchid – a Japanese flower associated with happiness.

Shiseido vital perfection emulsion

If that isn’t enough to bring a smile to your face, the Shiseido Uplifting and Firming Day Cream sure will.

A more luxe take on anti-ageing, it’s a one-pot-wonder with Benibana flower and Bulgarian rose water extracts designed to smooth the skin’s dermal layer for a more sculpted appearance.

Olive and tea root extracts make up the ingredients list too in a further bid to combat early signs of ageing – whether that’s wrinkles, loss of elasticity or dark spots. 

If that doesn’t see you clock-watching in anticipation of pamper night, the packaging alone is enough to justify updating the bathroom cabinet.

shiseido vital perfection

Inspired by traditional Japanese Raku ware pottery, the collection is bottled up in ombré-effect tubs reminiscent of rippling ocean waves – we don’t know about you, but we feel a whole lot calmer already. 

Armed with the newfound beauty knowledge we’ve acquired in recent months, we’re certainly going to continue our lockdown beauty regimen from here on out.  

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