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Wedding cakes by Sophie Roseanna Cakes

For those who believe that weddings are meant to be as unique as the love they celebrate, Sophie Roseanna Cakes was born to indulge your senses and ignite your imagination.

Whether your heart desires an intimate elopement cake, a show-stopping four-tiered centrepiece, or anything in between, Sophie Roseanna Cakes is committed to creating a cake that embodies your style and vision. Every cake is a canvas, and Sophie Roseanna Cakes is the artist, ready to turn your sweetest dreams into reality.

In this lovely Q&A feature, Together Journal will uncover the passion, dedication, and inspiration that goes into each and every creation. Read more below…

Tell us a bit about yourself and Sophie Roseanna Cakes, how did it come about? What is special about SRC and why?

Sophie Roseanna Cakes started in a small Southland town in my mum’s tiny kitchen (Thanks Mum!). I was in my last years of high school, where I should have been concentrating on my exams, I was busy creating for friends and family — slowly but surely, I had people asking to buy them. Cupcakes turned into cake, birthday cakes turned into weddings and next thing I knew, I had a reputation for my creations. After moving away and settling into Queenstown life, I finally decided to get back into the art of cake and haven’t looked back.

Sophie Roseanna Cakes really takes pride in not only beautiful tasting cakes with unique flavour combinations but also creating bold, individual designs that really make an impact and fit around the style of each couple’s day!

What do you think is most important for people to consider when looking for/buying a wedding cake and what would your number one tip be?

Always choosing someone who creates styles that you love, and making sure that the type of cake they bake suits your tastes — if you’re a fan of sponge cakes or would go crazy for a sparkly 5-tier wedding cake, find someone who you feel comfortable and confident with to do this. Nothing brings me more joy than a cake design that sings to my heart and gets me excited to get back into the kitchen to start working on.

We can spend quite a bit of time chatting to our couples, so finding a vendor that has the same thought process and enthusiasm for your ideas is one of my top tips!

What inspires you and your cake designs and/or flavours?

I’m forever inspired by my surroundings — I love cakes that have movement, texture and flow organically, or include colours that reflect the time of year, which is kind of like the mountains and hill tops in the Otago region.

For me, a wedding cake should be something each couple looks forward to on the day, so having a diverse and exciting range of flavours was number one on my list of things to offer. I actually got inspiration for some of my flavours from classics — spiced apple cake and walnut crumble came from the love of a classic apple crumble on a wintery night, or Chocolate espresso martini cake filled with rum salted caramel (I mean, who doesn’t love an espresso martini!?).

Where do you see wedding trends heading in the future?

Smaller, more intimate weddings, with a lot more colour, and bold statement pieces throughout. Love seeing each couple take on their day with something a little different, this truly makes every wedding so unique and personal.

Any exciting plans for the future?

Hopefully creating cakes outside of the Otago region! We’ve been lucky enough to play our part in a few weddings out of Queenstown which was so much fun so we would love to do this more regularly — getting to travel to a new area, see different venues and work with a range of other vendors is always amazing and eye-opening so I am looking forward to doing more of this. If anything, we hope to be creating more elaborate, artful, and diverse cake designs throughout the next few wedding seasons!

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